Children’s Storybook Collection


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Enjoy these three Christian children’s books written by Rebecca L Matthews

Little Birch Finds Peace: Cruel Pine often makes fun of Little Birch, causing him to feel sad and different. That is, until one day when a storm comes and changes everything. Little Birch thinks of Cruel Pine’s words still, even though his mother reminds him that he is perfect just the way God made him. One day, many seasons later, Little Birch sees the good in what God had allowed. Follow along on his journey and discover how Little Birch finds peace.

Raindrops and Snowflakes: As he fell, Rayden Raindrop looked at the many raindrops around him and thought about how powerful God is. After all, their lives had just changed at his command. Why are we different from one another? Though we look alike, why aren’t we the same? Perhaps the answer to these questions is not as important as trusting that God planned it. Follow Rayden Raindrop’s journey as he shares things he notices that cause him to ask God why. See how trusting God and being thankful can bring happiness to God’s creations.

Sol and the Boy: The boy loves Sol. Sol loves the boy. When the boy meets others who tell him that Sol won’t always love him, he becomes worried. How can the boy be sure Sol won’t leave him? What can he do to keep Sol’s love? Follow Sol and the Boy through their journey as the boy learns what real love is.


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