Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies

Self-Perception is Fickle

“It’d been better if I’d never been born,” we think. “I’m nothing but a disappointment anyway.” Suicidal tendencies are rearing their ugly head. Pain inflicted upon us throughout life has worn us down. Entrenched in our bad choices, we perceive ourselves as burdens now, leading us to such dark thoughts. In time, those dark thoughts morph to a reality of sorts, rooted in nothing more than our own self-condemning points of view. Self-perception is a fickle thing. It changes, often by the moment and often for the worse.

How many are struggling with issues that overwhelm and take us to a point so far removed from the peace and joy that we desire that it makes us angry, sad, frustrated, and self-destructive? Overwhelmed and hurting, we become desperate to escape from our problems, if even for just a moment. Time spent without troubles, to enjoy life, might seem elusive.

Peace Comes…Once I Die

As a teenager, I believed that peace would be found…in heaven, once I died. How many overwhelmed teens and adults harbor that same helpless belief, whether acted on or not? I’ve since found that peace can be enjoyed throughout life, even amidst the worst of trials. I want to share what I’ve found to combat the hardships we endure throughout our ever-changing lives. Christ is the answer. Seek a personal relationship with God, your own private Counselor and Guide. Rise up, sweet child, and shed your suicidal tendencies. I’m praying for you. Click the video to listen to my full message on Suicidal Tendencies.

Resources: Help for Suicidal Tendencies

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is an available resource. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is another great resource with local chapters in each state. You can browse their websites, view their wealth of information, as well as access hotline phone numbers. Join the #BeThe1To movement and spread the word on suicide prevention! Most importantly, don’t forget to pray! With God, all things are possible.

Rebecca’s novels related to this topic

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Marie’s Watch – a novel about unconditional love and compassion

Suicidal Tendencies - The Truth Will Set You Free novel

The Truth Will Set You Free – a novel about freedom

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free

John 8:31“….If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

A Dream Conveyed Deep Pain

I woke sobbing. My heart was broken. My brother had committed suicide rather than face the consequences of old actions newly exposed. It was clear that he’d been hiding behind years of lies and alcohol which now made sense. It was a dream, but it was so vivid that I was shuddering with sorrow for the lack hope that he had. I knew what he’d been missing.

Many people walk in deep despair, one bad day away from giving up, hope already stale and crumbling. In examining all the stepping stones crossed to reach such a desperate vantage point, tragedy certainly has a foothold and is deeply rooted. Misfortune comes in many forms, the results often kept hidden to avoid judgement or consequence. Lies are laid down one at a time, building a wall to keep secrets hidden, assuring survival.

How many people have a plan of what to do should truth be exposed? Are they convinced their lies keep them out of trouble? Do people believe they can foresee the difficulties that may overwhelm should truth be uncovered? How desperate are they to avoid that possibility?

Satan Seeks Victims

Shame…it’s dirty in more than name and controlling in nature. Not so sparingly, Satan uses it when casting his net. He seeks those who are easily swayed and quick to cower from it. The devil’s victims are convinced that, if their darkness is brought to light, others’ judgement will match the consequences human or spiritual law brings. Who could survive either, and why would someone try?

The Truth Will Set You Free is based on that dream and the hopelessness many are burdened with. I know the answer and pray many who struggle have the answer revealed to them before they can’t cope anymore. Christ is the answer. That’s all. At the risk of sounding callous, it’s simple. No certain number of steps are required to reach healing, and no amount of money can cleanse you of shame that’s buried. Freedom comes by believing in and knowing Christ.

Jesus is the Truth

You see, He is the Word that you should seek a relationship with and continue focusing on. Keep your eyes on Him and talk to Him about anything He puts on your heart. As you grow in that relationship, you will come to know Him, and He is, in fact, Truth itself. He, Jesus, the Truth, is the only thing that can set you free.

In some instances, through the course of your relationship, He may put it on your heart to expose the earthly truths that have hurt you. You won’t be alone on this journey. Christ is with you, and God has a plan that is for your benefit. If that comes to be the case, exposing truths that Satan has used to keep you in his control becomes freeing in many ways. A weight lifts as Satan’s grasp falters and fails. In some instances, the close connection with your Savior may be all you need to heal the hurts that have scarred your soul. In either case, regardless of the scenario God leads you through, He is the Answer and The Truth that Will Set You Free!

I pray my third novel, The Truth Will Set You Free, has a strong impact, clearly illustrates our need for hope, and points readers to Christ who is that hope. You can read the first chapter, check it out, or purchase it here. God bless you.

You Are Chosen!

You Are Chosen!

Do you trust God? Spend some time pondering this question. The answer to it is extremely important and may be life changing for you. You will learn a lot about yourself and your relationship with Him by taking a deep penetrating look inward.

God loves you. He planned for and created you! His is a love in which you can find absolute security, and it is this love only that you can be set free. It is unconditional and very personal. All growth and maturity in your life will begin with the revelation of this love. Who can reveal this love to you? Only God can draw you to the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. He prepares the soil, and He sows the seed. No amount of work that you do can draw you closer, but once you seek Him with all your heart, be prepared for life to change as His mighty hands work the clay and creates the vessel in which His Holy Spirit will indwell.

Once the Lord reveals His love of you to you and the awesomeness of this is realized, you will naturally fall in love with Him. He becomes your lover, your friend, your confidant. You begin to realize how special you are, and the feeling of being CHOSEN by the Creator overwhelms you. Revel in this state for a time, it’s a wonderful place to be. You find that you want to live in this moment and not stray from the love that surrounds and consumes you. You feel complete. You are complete. You will love yourself, perhaps even for the first time. In the security of His unconditional love, you will gain self-respect, and others opinions of you will seem much less important as you desire His company. You will realize what it truly is like to be loved as you are; mistakes, flaws, and all. As you focus on such a caring Father, you will not even realize He is working in you.

At some point, you will notice unnecessary desires have been displaced and realize how you’ve changed through no effort of your own. Note: through no effort of your own. You will realize this, how easy it is for God to come in and change you without your being aware. God does this through love. This is much easier than “working” to “look” Christian. You become accepting of the dross being burned away as you allow the Lord to take things out of your life that He deems unnecessary. You realize you are trusting in the unseen. How awesome is that?

Now, God is in your life. You’ve allowed Him to become the center of your being. You’ve chosen His unconditional love for you over the darkness and insecurities the world has still to offer. You have entered into His kingdom which is peace within you. Welcome, dear child of God.

Freedom From Jealousy

Freedom From Jealousy

Do you desire freedom from jealousy? Jealousy, it’s something that has influenced many characters throughout history. Even so, there’s a way to be free from it!

God is in control!

Jealousy is ugly. It keeps those of us who struggle with it miserable. It causes us to act in hurtful ways, but don’t forget Who’s in control. God is. He uses our actions to bring about His will. Yes, even our ugly actions. He’s powerful enough to influence the behaviors that lead to the realization of His plan. We can’t screw it up on Him! Are your plans being negatively affected by someone who’s jealous of what you’re accomplishing, what you have, or what you intend to do? Don’t worry. The plans you have may be being disrupted, but God’s aren’t. Trust Him and relax in a freedom from jealousy.

Some want to disrupt our freedom from jealousy

Remember, God’s timing is perfect. Whether our present situation seems good or bad, flesh often can’t see beyond it. If circumstances seem bad, we become discouraged and lose hope, as if things won’t ever change. If we’re being blessed, we forget from where we’ve come or that the season may change. When Christ is our center, highs and lows need not disrupt. There’s an evenness, a peace about life. Not in circumstances, but in our Spirit. Be wary of who it’s shared with though, because Satan uses some to try to disrupt our trust in God. They trample and mock our faith, bring us down, and allow jealousy to lead their actions. We find ourselves needing freedom from jealousy that’s no longer present.

Be content in God

Unfortunately, jealousy plays a heavy role in this earthly life. We struggle under its weight from our own points of view and also from that of others. However, when we focus on Christ, jealousy can become a non-issue. When we’re content in God and His love for us, others jealousy is meaningless. We, on the other hand, have no thought of jealousy when Christ has filled us with His heart. We cheer for others who are blessed by Him and are content with what He provides for us. It’s such a refreshing way to live. Welcome to freedom from jealousy!

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