Life is Fleeting and Tomorrow is Unknown – Let God Work

Life is Fleeting and Tomorrow is Unknown – Let God Work

To Let God Work Means to Trust His Will
It was an interesting mix of personalities, those that surrounded me. I sat reading in the waiting room, keeping separate and quiet, close to my Lord. My trust wanted to lie in Him and Him alone, regardless of the outcome. I chose to let God work, to sense Him, and see Him revealed in all aspects. “God’s will be done” was my deepest desire.
Many hours passed as stories unfolded around me. Surgeries were completed and some left to bring patients home. Others shared with one another the trials and tribulations of their lives as well as the reasons that brought them to settle within the walls of the hospital this day.
 The Dynamics of a Hospital Surgery Waiting Room
Many walks of life were represented. Friendships, fleeting in nature, were forged due solely to chance rather than choice. Such is the nature of this space.
The room, bit by bit, emptied of many of its occupants, leaving a handful of us behind. Most of us remaining had met with our doctors, received the results of our loved one’s procedures, and were anticipating a brief visit for assurance, if rigid COVID-19 regulations could be met.
A wife and daughter duo were the final ones left awaiting news. The time on the monitor had been loudly announced by the older woman as each hour of her husband’s surgery ticked by, his cardiac history explained multiple times to any new listeners available.
Apparently a veteran of the waiting room, she seemed to exude an heir of friendliness and comfort. However, when asked, the stress being experienced was extreme. Nerves had established deep, keeping this anxious wife optimistically chatty.
I moved to watch the news, straining to hear the lowered volume through the conversation she and another were engaged in. I had much on my mind. The staff had encouraged me to go home since I’d likely not be able to see my husband. Surgery had gone well, but the Recovery Room no longer allowed visitors. Many hours expected there would settle him in his room too late for me to see him due to new restrictions. After much consideration, I decided to wait and see.
 Though Separate We Are Each United
As I checked the monitor to see how long my love had been in recovery the woman came and stood nearby, announcing once more the updated information of how long her husband had been in surgery, chuckling as she did so. It’d reached eight hours. I assured her we’d all cheer along with her when it indicated a move to recovery. She smiled as we both returned to our seats.
Shortly after, her husband’s surgeon arrived and asked them to join him in the consultation room. As she passed me I offered up a little “woohoo.” She’d waited so long. Her smile hinted at her appreciation as well as a readiness for this long day of waiting to be over. I resumed watching the TV that hung beside the door that just closed behind them.
Within a short few moments a wail of anguish seeped through that door, a sound of which I’ll not soon forget. It settled deep in my heart. It was followed by sobbing. Their private moment of tragic news was inadvertently communicated to those of us who’d stood vigil with them throughout the day. Though separate we were united, each part of a story both personal and collective.
 Tomorrow Is Unknown
When I’d arrived at the hospital that morning, I have to admit I’d imagined the worst. I hadn’t expected it, you see, but I wanted to be mindful that, even should tragedy befall us, I was going to remain focused on our Lord, trusting of His will, no matter what He’d allow. I’d spent the day sensing God but not knowing what my tomorrow would look like. Now, all in a moment, these two women’s tomorrows were going to be drastically different than anticipated.
The door opened and the surgeon departed. They followed, mother and daughter stricken with unexpected grief, and rushed out of the waiting room. The room suddenly felt very empty. The hush was nearly tangible. Weighted and heavy, the silence was loud.
“This wasn’t how I saw this ending when I arrived this morning,” the deceased man’s bride said upon her return. All the imagining I’d done for my own life suddenly brought to mind all of their next difficult steps. I rubbed her shoulder and offered her and her daughter my prayers. They thanked me, their eyes wide, scared, and tear-filled above their masks, so kind in their time of life-changing adjustment. I wandered back to my chair, wishing I’d offered more, but this was their moment.
 Talk to God and Let Him Hold You
To them, to you who may also be facing life-changing tragedy, I offer this: Cling to God and let Him reveal Himself to you. We are His from the moment He created us to the time He transitions us out of this world. Entrust your loved one to Him, and sink into Him yourself. True comfort and peace only comes from Him. Talk to Him. Cry to Him. Yell at Him. Let your emotions out with Him at your side and then let Him hold you.
Either inadvertently or intentionally, we tend to keep God at bay. We don’t let Him in or give Him freedom to do His work. We want Him but feel like He’s missing in our times of need. We’re angry at His lack of miraculous help. However, it’s most often us who feel we must be strong in our own power. We pray but then strive for an outcome we envision, failing to realize how real and powerful He is and failing to understand that His planned outcome may be different than ours.
Pray and let Him work. Let go and let Him in. Allow yourself to feel His comfort and see Him at work.
None of us know what our tomorrows will look like, but God does. God has made us, knows us, guides our lives, and will comfort and deliver us from our pain. This may not be experienced in release from difficulties but peace in the midst of them. Though nothing earthly is known of our tomorrows, it is certain that God is there. Remaining focused on Him assures a sense of His strength and peace, regardless of circumstances.
 Life is Fleeting
Though not allowed after visiting hours, I was able to be waiting in my husband’s room when they wheeled him in late that night. The smile that lit up his face when he saw me will forever be in my heart. I had what those women did not, another moment. Appreciate them, the little moments, and hold them dear, for they are fleeting.
God’s peace,

Isaiah 46:3 Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, which are borne by me from the belly, which are carried from the womb: 4 And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. King James Version

Fear grips us and cripples. It has such a negative impact on our lives but we can be free of it. For more on this, read my blog Fear Displaced.
The COVID-19 Contrast

The COVID-19 Contrast

The United States Divided/COVID-19 Contrast

We’re a country in turmoil, seemingly a people divided, as a COVID-19 contrast makes itself increasingly clearer.

Protect the People

A woman’s daughter was being taken to ICU to be placed on a ventilator due to COVID-19. She tweeted of her struggle and request for prayers for her child. A Facebook post from a woman living in my state caught my attention, a state with low COVID-19 activity presently. It included a picture of two nurses standing in an upper hospital window holding handwritten signs: “He is at peace” and “We are so sorry”. She’d lost her dad to COVID-19. For many, the struggle is real.

I write of our stay-at-home efforts during these unique times as an offer of help to others in my blog Take A Knee – Pause for the Pandemic.

Protect My Rights

Meanwhile, other posts populate social media and stories are highlighted on the news of people protesting Stay-at-Home orders, social distancing, and mask policies. They appear proudly defiant and argumentative. Standing up for their personal rights, many choose to defy advice meant to aid all of our loved ones, friends, and fellow United States citizens.

There’s a stark COVID-19 contrast between the two ways of living right now. Either we strongly want people to take seriously the gravity of this pandemic and the importance of taking measures to protect one another or we’re demanding freedoms we feel we deserve, regardless of the cost to ourselves and others.

Faith Comparison

A comparison to faith has crossed my mind. Such contrast exists between those of faith and those living in unbelief.

Those Who Submit to God

People who have seen the glory of the Lord, those He’s revealed Himself to, willingly submit to relationship with Him. They allow Him to rule, letting go of their own will, knowing that His ways are higher. Often their faith comes from difficult times during which they’ve seen the hand of God at work. They step away from people, habits, mindsets that didn’t serve Him well and ultimately didn’t serve themselves well either. They embrace a new life, one misunderstood by many. Where struggle was once real, grace is now recognized.


Meanwhile, there are those who not only rebel against the idea of letting go of control and submitting to God for themselves, they rise up to criticize those who have. They boldly argue against His existence. It seems imperative others not follow suit, even when such acts don’t directly impact them.

The interesting factor here, in both scenarios, is first-hand experience.

Direct Experience with COVID-19

Many who’ve unfortunately suffered the horrific effects of the pandemic may be able to appreciate the fight for rights. They may have previously felt the same. However, when tragedy strikes and what was chosen to be disregarded or watched cautiously from a distance becomes first-hand account, the devastating results of this coronavirus can’t be ignored.

Those in mourning may understand those who haven’t yet faced what they have. But those fighting for freedoms lost can’t yet comprehend and don’t agree with the insistence for protection. Therefore, they argue against any adherence, as if submission to guidance is something more tragic. An example is found in this Twitter post by @Lori_Morse56 stating, “The masks aren’t for your protection, they’re a sign of your submission”. Perhaps they’ve yet to experience the coronavirus disaster personally or they simply want it to run its course naturally, but it’s likely they don’t understand fully what those believe who have faced it and been changed by it.

An opinion article, What Is Making You Stay At Home Right Now, written by Todd May and published on April 29, 2020, points to the reality of how connected we, as people, are. “The coronavirus has, among other things, revealed how our daily actions are woven into those of others in ways that have consequences for all of us.”

Personal Experience with God

In Spiritual comparison, when God has revealed Himself to us, our beliefs change. We can trust then, as believers, that God’s able to reveal Himself to unbelievers, just as He did to us. We can understand disbelief and opinions that rise up in opposition to faith, but we don’t have to let them bother us. There’s nothing to prove, because God is mighty and revelation only comes from Him. Better yet, we can participate by praying for them and letting God do His thing.

Similarly, we can have compassion on those who oppose the protective suggestions meant to help during this pandemic. God is in control of these situations as well. We can rest in God and pray for all while living our own realities.

We Are Called to Love Even Those Who Disagree With Us

Though the COVID-19 contrast is presently strong, let God’s peace rule in your heart. As stated by The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina in a message titled A Faith-Based Response to COVID-19, “We are called to love our neighbor.” It refers to the importance of staying home, but don’t forget, we’re also called to love the neighbor that disagrees with us.

Pray, trust, and live in the peace that only God produces, regardless of what’s seen.

God’s Will Be Done

No matter where you fall in the faith or the COVID-19 contrast, rest assured that God’s will is being done. He is in control.

God’s peace,


Take A Knee – Pause for the Pandemic

Take A Knee – Pause for the Pandemic


I pause, feeling helpless as an individual in a global pandemic, wishing I could make a difference.

I wasn’t your typical parent and sports wasn’t my thing. Like many, I supported my children in their endeavors, encouraged them, and set guidelines to create a positive atmosphere. However, I was one who stood on the outskirts observing. Quietly cheering them on, rather than shouting out my praises or hovering in a state of ready to help. I was timid, perhaps, but my rationale was to urge them to step out and tackle what they wanted, greatly on their own.

I sat in the sunshine as it streamed through my kitchen window this morning. In the quiet solace of a relatively new empty nest, I contemplated the tragedy our world is presently experiencing. I tried to put a description to what I’m witnessing and feeling while we, as a world, pause together. When this Covid-19 epidemic was first rearing its ugly head, cities and countries were demanding people isolate. I’d felt that stopping normal activity was merely prolonging the inevitable. In the meantime, it was destroying the financial security and livelihoods of far more lives than this virus would ultimately take.

Challenging Times

As many of us, I’ve observed and formed opinions only to have those beliefs mutate. With each wave of new reality that ebbs and flows, consumes and yet leaves us hanging, my thoughts change. In a world blessed with the benefit of quick results, we’re being challenged greatly. We’re expected to hunker down and wait for the worst, not knowing how devastating it will be. Though trying to be positive, we’re completely aware of how vulnerable we truly are. We’re not in control. We talk as if life is normal, plan for tomorrow as if it’ll be the same as yesterday, oblivious to what’s coming. Yet we’re keenly attentive at the same time.

My eyes settled on the unnerving calm outside my window when a vivid memory flooded my mind. A hush had fallen over the field, a quiet that beat with the same heart of today’s eeriness. It’d been a cool fall day and I was attending our high school’s soccer game to support my youngest in his sports interests. He’d been active on and off the field, a great aid to his team and coach. I watched from my perch on the hillside where I’d been quietly cheering from the outskirts, more distant than most parents. It was the perfect location to be a witness. The whole field of boys, both teams in a wave of solemn solidarity, took a knee. Someone was down.

We Are Taking A Knee

I’ve grumbled that life should go on and that this virus will and should run its course. I’ve felt the economic hit to the world as we’re required to pause seems senseless. But all in a moment, with this memory offering revelation, I understood. We who are not on the front lines, who are not critically ill, who are not treating the sick and dying, who are not hurriedly trying to create a way to accommodate anticipated needs, we who are not putting our lives in danger to try to save some while witnessing the loss of many, we are taking a knee. This is serious. The risks are great to those people on the front-lines, the hurt as well as the helpers. It’s important that we pause to offer the chance of some sort of success to those fighting this battle.

The young player was helped up from the ground. Both teams in unison rose from their knees and applauded as he was loaded on the school’s John Deere Gator and taken off the field. Tears filled my eyes at the touching scene. Opponents and teammates alike were united as they had taken a knee and paused, unable to help, but quietly allowing those who could to do their jobs.

A Relevant Comparison

Based on an October 14, 2014 article posted on Forbes’ website “Should Players Be Required to ‘Take A Knee’ When A Fellow Competitor Gets Injured” written by Bob Cook, I see the relevant comparison. “Taking a knee as a sign of respect for an injured player isn’t just something for football. … It’s a sign of respect and concern when someone is hurt, but more than that putting players in that position means they’re not moving, chattering, or doing anything else than could look disrespectful. It also sends a signal to the stands that the injury is serious, and everyone should be concerned.”

Pause for the Pandemic

Covid-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 by WHO (World Health Organization). Its overall impact to the world’s population right now is serious. We should be concerned. Not only is our senior population threatened, based on today’s White House press conference, millennials, the future of the world, are becoming critically ill as well.

We’re settling into a new, quickly-changing reality of which we’re not in control, and accepting isolation, pausing from activity, may allow the front-line war to be more manageable and the next generation to live on. We are those soccer players. Perhaps once opponents in opinion, political party, or religious beliefs, we are now united as a world. If nothing else, the rapid spread of Covid-19 throughout the earth shows how intimately connected we really are as a people. Let’s spread support and kindness just as rapidly. Take a knee. Pause for the pandemic. Make a difference.

God’s peace to you,


“Being idle and allowing God full control seems too awkward, perhaps even sinful.” If this describes your struggle as life presently feels out of control, click here for my video message proclaiming that Freedom Is Yours!

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