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I Heard the Bells, and Peace Was Mine

I Heard the Bells, and Peace Was Mine

Why are the timid, the weak, the loving always attacked? Why can’t we win against evil? How can hate be so powerful? Can “peace on earth” be experienced? Is it real?

The wrong shall fail. The right can prevail. Do you hear the bells? They are ringing out your freedom!

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Freedom Is Yours

Freedom Is Yours

Freedom, it’s a funny thing. In word, it sounds poetic, liberating, almost rebellious. It’s appealing to us who are imprisoned. However, it’s challenging. Change is hard…

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Fruitful Marriage

Fruitful Marriage

Are you frustrated with your marriage? Are relationships with those close to you strained? Can you imagine what your partner, friend, or loved one could do differently …

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Visual Verse of the Day

"But Jesus answered, I tell you, if my worshippers become silent, the stones will cry out!" Luke 19:39-40


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