The beckoning is palpable, the call consistent, and the direction clear. Come and worship. Who is being called to experience this powerful connection? Is it the humble, the religious, or the upstanding citizens of the world? Is it the criminals, the insane, or the depressed?

There is not a type or personality that is unique to one being called into relationship with God. By the power of the Lord, people of all walks of life, of all sin experiences, and of all who uphold a fake public image are being drawn.

Angels Rejoice

First of all, as the hymn indicates, the angels who have sung over the world from creation to today have much to proclaim. They have witnessed earthly life in its infancy, the rule of law, the freedom born of the birth of our Savior, and the peace on earth found within those in relationship with God today. These angels beckon us to come and worship Christ the King.

Workers Receive Revelation

Secondly, like the shepherds of Bethlehem, workers today who serve their fellow man are being touched by revelation from the Lord. A seed sown by God grows into an intimate connection with Him. Fear is replaced with peace. The results of their earthly work has new value, as love becomes incorporated into their efforts.

Elders Experience Transformation

Additionally, God is calling the mentors, church elders, and scholars who offer their services of guidance, self-help, and encouragement. He leads them to experience for themselves the revelation of truth and grace only found in relationship with Him. Led to such conversions and insight, they are able to inspire others toward connection to the Almighty.

Angels, from the Realms of Glory, Call Out, “Come and Worship”

Ultimately, the Answer to freedom that we all seek and search for became evident on the holy night that Christ was born. The angels couldn’t contain their proclamations and became visible. Additionally, keepers of the flocks received glorious news from beyond this realm. And finally, the saints well-learned in prophecy who anxiously awaiting the Savior found their Treasure.

Come and Worship

So, let me encourage you to come and worship. Worship Christ, our King. Jesus was born to set us free, and He sends His Spirit to any of us who seek Him, so that we can experience His peace while we’re here on earth. Accept the call from the angels, from the realms of glory, turn your attention toward God, and grow in that intimate relationship. Come and worship.

God’s peace,


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