Encouragement of a personal and intimate relationship with God is at the heart of my work.

I write to point to the source of peace and joy that can be experienced amidst the chaos of life.

Embedding faith within a fictional but realistic story provides a unique opportunity for me to illustrate what could happen if one chooses to turn to God with the messiness of life. Struggle, frustration, and fear can transform into peace, freedom, and strength.

No matter who we are or what we believe, we’ll all experience tragedy of some sort in our lives. My stories include relatable circumstances, but by adding faith, I’m able to highlight the value trusting God provides. This doesn’t mean life becomes free of problems, but placing Him at our center does mean we can experience much needed peace during them.

The Light Within Book

The Light Within

Available in paperback or audio editions

Judy has been a bitter, angry person for years. Her constant yelling has affected her children’s attitudes and pushed her husband away. But all that changes one night, when she finds herself on a deserted road being touched by God. This moment begins a transformation that will affect everyone around her.

Judy struggles at first to let go of her old ways, but as she learns to let go and allows God to guide her, she finds that life changes for the better. She becomes calm and peaceful as she places God first and foremost at the center of her life. Her children notice the change and how differently they are treated, and their attitudes begin to transform as well. But Judy’s husband, Rich, continues keeping his distance. When he finally reveals why, the whole family is affected, and their marriage comes to an end.

Judy tries to move on, and Rich does too, but both feel guilty for their part in the downfall of the marriage. Rich desires the peace that Judy has, but he can’t seem to escape what he has done. Meanwhile, their daughter is dealing with her own new struggles at school, where conflict abounds.

When a horrible accident occurs, everyone in the family will be put to the test.

Experience the transformation with this family as they discover The Light Within and find peace in the midst of chaos.

Download PDF Sample Chapter Here

Also available as an audio book through Audible

Marie's Watch Book

Marie’s Watch


The early twentieth century is a time of great change. From the prosperity and excitement of the Roaring Twenties to the destruction and torment of the Great Depression, life in North Carolina is changing for many, including David Towell.

Though David’s childhood was difficult, he has become a successful businessman. How will that be affected when his beautiful young wife, Marie, the mother of his child, is diagnosed with schizophrenia, an illness that still evokes fear from the general public?

As his relationship with God grows, both compassion and unconditional love are impressed on his heart. Though he feels these are meant for him, he realizes one tragic day that they are expected of him as well.

Learn how David and Marie face the challenges of life together in Marie’s Watch.

Download PDF Sample Chapter Here

The Truth Will Set You Free Book

The Truth Will Set You Free


Shameful secrets bind Shane to darkness. What kind of love can expose evil and bring freedom?

Hidden in the bathroom, Shane held his shaking hands in front of his eyes. These hands had protected and loved, and now, out of that same love and protection they’d claimed freedom…or had they?

After a difficult childhood and being relied upon as the strength of his broken family, Shane finds excitement in an amazing friendship with Dale, a newcomer to town. The timing is great. Rose, his mother, embraces her newfound relationship with Christ, which leads her to love life once more and bond with her daughter, Sarah, but while Shane’s family grows in God’s love, his rebellion separates him from the very peace he so desperately needs.

When secrets are buried deep, is freedom possible? What can dispel Satan’s powerful grip when shame is contained?

Follow this tragedy of darkness, and experience the powerful contrast God’s love can bring as he suggests, The Truth Will Set You Free.

Download PDF Sample Chapter Here

Little Birch Finds Peace Book

Little Birch Finds Peace

Children’s paperback, ages 6-7 years

Cruel Pine often makes fun of Little Birch, causing him to feel sad and different. That is, until one day when a storm comes and changes everything. Little Birch thinks of Cruel Pine’s words still, even though his mother reminds him that he is perfect just the way God made him. One day, many seasons later, Little Birch sees the good in what God had allowed. Follow along on his journey and discover how Little Birch finds peace.

Raindrops and Snowflakes Book

Raindrops and Snowflakes

Children’s paperback, ages 5-6 years

As he fell, Rayden Raindrop looked at the many raindrops around him and thought about how powerful God is. After all, their lives had just changed at his command.

Why are we different from one another? Though we look alike, why aren’t we the same? Perhaps the answer to these questions is not as important as trusting that God planned it.

Follow Rayden Raindrop’s journey as he shares things he notices that cause him to ask God why. See how trusting God and being thankful can bring happiness to God’s creations.

Sol and the Boy Book

Sol and the Boy

Children’s paperback, ages 5-6 years

The boy loves Sol. Sol loves the boy. When the boy meets others who tell him that Sol won’t always love him, he becomes worried. How can the boy be sure Sol won’t leave him? What can he do to keep Sol’s love?

Follow Sol and the Boy through their journey as the boy learns what real love is.

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