God Uses Broken People

It has been said that God uses broken people, but have we stopped to consider that God actually allows the situations which lead to our brokenness?

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Why Did God Allow This?

There could be any number of reasons why God might have a hand in our difficult times. One could be humility, so that we don’t hold ourselves  higher than we should. This certainly is one reason that I can think of, but maybe it’s not always about us. Perhaps it’s for others.

In order for God’s light to shine in the darkness, He must first send an intended vessel into it, one that will be able to reach  others who are living in sin. In the midst of evil, when He reveals Himself to that one person and gains a relationship with them, He’s able to suddenly illuminate and shine outward through that person. Ultimately, God is able to reach more nonbelievers that would otherwise remain in bondage.

Don’t Wallow in Shame, Let God Shine Through

So, if you have a questionable past, been a bad person, or made serious mistakes, don’t let that stop what God is doing. If you are stuck in regret and shame or can’t shake the identity of a failure, stop! Don’t waste your time or energy. You are intentionally a part of God’s will.

First, accept God’s grace fully. You are forgiven! You are loved and that love from Him is unconditional. His Son’s death on a cross guarantees that. Secondly, come close to God and grow in that wonderful relationship so He can minister to your heart and lead you forward in wisdom. Finally, let Him take up residence in the very core of your being. In this way, from your unique position, God’s light shines through your shattered pieces and touches other broken people.

God’s peace,


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