God calls us into a deeper relationship with Him. He leads us from youth to maturity of faith.

Young Faith

As young Christians, we pursue the things we think are good and wholesome. We give testimony and encourage others toward a life of belief. We’re easily angered at the wickedness of the world and begin to see clearer the vast difference between light and dark. We rely on created things and follow created beings as we look for nourishment from others and in spiritual meditations. Spending a lot of time studying, we try to apply the lessons learned on energy, good works, and holy qualities. We see and understand only in part, and we respond to life’s events with this immaturity.

Many stay in this infancy, lacking true depth of connection with God. Though they claim Christ as their Savior, they will feel unfulfilled, and though they make a positive difference in our world, they will struggle often. Luke-warm, one foot in the kingdom, and hungry for head knowledge rather than spiritually enlightenment, people become disillusioned and confused by what God is allowing.

Deeper Union With God

Growing close to God, choosing to place Him at the center of our life, and constantly seeking connection with Him draws us into a deeper union. We’re able to enter His Kingdom, sense the indwelled Holy Spirit, and trust Him no matter the circumstances. It’s a maturity that accepts we are not the ones in control and willingly allows ourselves to be led blindly wherever and through whatever God needs, most often in directions we would not have wanted or chosen for ourselves.

All things work together for good when God is at your center. That is to say, even the tragedies we experience have meaning and purpose. Christian life does not mean that a pure and perfect future filled with happy times and sunshiny days is all that lays ahead. And such purity of image does not indicate whether someone is saved or not. God allows a lot of tragedy here on earth. Truly, eternity eludes to the fact that the temporal difficulties we experience while here should not have the ability to destroy us emotionally or spiritually.

By the Holy Spirit, God’s Traits Fill Us

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we hold all of God’s traits within us. Communing with God constantly allows us an active sense of His presence. As mature Christians, we are convinced beyond doubt that sin is not a factor in our lives, therefore, when something tragic occurs, we know it is not a reflection of our failings, but instead, is something God is allowing for a greater purpose.

When your life takes a shift in a direction you would never have chosen, resist the urge to rise up in anger or succumb to frustration. Know that God is working, sink close to Him, allow His strength and will to work in your life, and keep alert for His direction. Be prepared to witness the unfolding of events as only God can orchestrate.

Mature in Faith

When we were young in our Christian walk, we went where we wanted and strived to accomplish that which we thought was important for the glory of God. But God leads us from youth to maturity of faith. As a mature believer, we recognize and agree to the value of submitting completely to His will, a will we do not fully comprehend but faithfully support. We understand that we are led by God in and through situations, often not of our choosing, but are one with God’s work. Now, we go where He wants and we strive to accomplish that which God knows is important for His glory. We once saw in part, we can now see face to face.

Keep God at your center, and may you sense the beauty of submission to our Lord. By doing so, you will recognize that the wicked we think is at work here on earth has no power. In fact, God will use it for a greater purpose. God’s will be done!

God’s peace,

Rebecca L Matthews

My children’s book Raindrops and Snowflakes as well as my novel The Light Within illustrates the journey to maturity. The examples they offer show the benefits we gain when we submit to God. This submission leads to maturity of faith. Click on their titles to review further.

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For further encouragement, click on this link and scroll to a poem by “Rebekah” the Bride titled Maturity. Here is an excerpt which ties very nicely with my message:

The Bible says if we love God then all things work for good;

The bad, the good, yes, both of them, let that be understood.

That means the bad that comes our way is not as it appears.

If we love God we’ll see that, when the smoke of battle clears.

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