Do you trust God? Spend some time pondering this question. The answer to it is extremely important and may be life changing for you. You will learn a lot about yourself and your relationship with Him by taking a deep penetrating look inward.

God loves you. He planned for and created you! His is a love in which you can find absolute security, and it is this love only that you can be set free. It is unconditional and very personal. All growth and maturity in your life will begin with the revelation of this love. Who can reveal this love to you? Only God can draw you to the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. He prepares the soil, and He sows the seed. No amount of work that you do can draw you closer, but once you seek Him with all your heart, be prepared for life to change as His mighty hands work the clay and creates the vessel in which His Holy Spirit will indwell.

Once the Lord reveals His love of you to you and the awesomeness of this is realized, you will naturally fall in love with Him. He becomes your lover, your friend, your confidant. You begin to realize how special you are, and the feeling of being CHOSEN by the Creator overwhelms you. Revel in this state for a time, it’s a wonderful place to be. You find that you want to live in this moment and not stray from the love that surrounds and consumes you. You feel complete. You are complete. You will love yourself, perhaps even for the first time. In the security of His unconditional love, you will gain self-respect, and others opinions of you will seem much less important as you desire His company. You will realize what it truly is like to be loved as you are; mistakes, flaws, and all. As you focus on such a caring Father, you will not even realize He is working in you.

At some point, you will notice unnecessary desires have been displaced and realize how you’ve changed through no effort of your own. Note: through no effort of your own. You will realize this, how easy it is for God to come in and change you without your being aware. God does this through love. This is much easier than “working” to “look” Christian. You become accepting of the dross being burned away as you allow the Lord to take things out of your life that He deems unnecessary. You realize you are trusting in the unseen. How awesome is that?

Now, God is in your life. You’ve allowed Him to become the center of your being. You’ve chosen His unconditional love for you over the darkness and insecurities the world has still to offer. You have entered into His kingdom which is peace within you. Welcome, dear child of God.

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