God Altered My Life

God Altered My Life

God altered my life as an author. For years, my husband and I traveled New England selling my books, meeting people, and encouraging them in relationship with God. We often discussed expanding these trips countrywide once our youngest was to graduate. I was sure it was a route to success as a writer and excitedly looked forward to it.

That’s all changed.

My husband’s sudden and fast-growing collection of vinyl records frustrated me. I felt I was supposed to be supportive, but it was nothing I cared about. In fact, it made me angry. At God’s continued nudging, I finally offered help. We spent many nights checking, cleaning, and organizing all he was amassing. For what purpose, I wondered in irritation?

Selling them seemed logical. Chris joined me as a vendor at a number of fairs until it became too burdensome. I knew my life was at a crossroad. After seeking God’s direction and arguing with Him about it, I stepped out on faith and suggested we open a store in our house. I offered to stop traveling and stay home to run it. He agreed. Years of marketing had come to an end, and I was struggling.

Chris and Rebecca Matthews stands in front of the Open sign in front of their new vinyl record shop, Chris's Nostalgia Shop

Chris’s Nostalgia Shop opened for business on January 29, 2018

During this transition, inwardly I was hurt and angry at God, at my husband, and at his hobby. My publisher had already closed unexpectedly in the midst of projects. Now, with the loss of hands-on marketing, my dream to be a successful writer felt crushed. Though I definitely wavered in support of my husband’s new joy, I did trust God.

Chris’s Nostalgia Shop Has Grown!

We’ve expanded the shop since it opened and our inventory has taken over much of our home, prompting big changes to take place. The work involved to run it consumes much of my days, often much of my nights, but I really enjoy this job! It seems perfect for my personality. Keeping and updating lists and organizing product, oddly enough, brings me joy.

It feels wonderful supporting my husband’s dreams. He’s been my biggest supporter over the years and it’s such a blessing to give back and see him enjoy this endeavor. I also have the freedom to write encouraging content for others while I’m working. And most importantly, with all the time I now spend focused on my Lord while I ponder and write, pray and praise, I sense His powerful presence all the time. He’s at my center again, where He belongs. Ultimately, my intimate and personal relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life and I now get to nurture it freely.

This life change was perfect for me!

You see, God altered my life because He knows what’s best. And while change is difficult, I’ve found peace in choosing to trust Him. Let me encourage you. No matter what changes occur, perceived good or bad, trust Him. God has the best plans!

This reminds me of a little tree, Little Birch, who learned a similar lesson. Check out my children’s book Little Birch Finds Peace!

There’s A River

There’s A River

We are that river

There’s a river that God’s in the midst of. It’s so influential that even the streams coming from it refresh the distant lands they touch. It’s a holy place, that river. It houses the most High. We, the children of God, are that river. He is in the midst of us, living through us, and imparting His strength so that we can rest in Him and not live broken.

When we flow freely, unencumbered by life’s debris, when God pulses through our very being, His light shines from us like streams branching off from a river. Even the seemingly small things we do prompted by God encourage others to believe. They’re touched by Him through us, often without us even being aware.

Let God guide your journey

Entrusting our lives to God and His will allows Him to guide us through riverbanks He’s already carved. Some appear good, some appear bad. Following through on His nudges often leads to witnessing things that could only have come from One who knows all. For these experiences we praise and worship Him. However, sometimes that revelation comes later. Hold tight.

Difficulties place us where God needs us

When we endure difficulties of which others judge and condemn us, rather than lash out, stand confident. God is in control still. He positions us where He needs us to be. There’s no need to defend. Don’t allow these seemingly bad situations to hinder His work. Fight the urge to complain or attack in response. Wait in quiet trust. Keep your eyes on Him, and watch God reveal His purposes. In this way we’re able to offer an example of the pure power of God.

Resist angrily giving back what is being done to you. Restrain from seeking vengeance. God does so in His time and to a degree that serves His purposes, furthering His will. Let Him repay evil for what evil has done. It’s not your job. Let that freedom penetrate and enjoy the weight lifted.

Relax in the flow of God’s will.

Rest, relax in the flow of His will. Sink in, and don’t worry about what you may or may not accomplish. He provides abundantly what’s needed. Resting in Him renews our Spirit as we continue to grow closer and more in love with Him. Allow fully His Spirit to fill and flow through you. Relationship with Him is the most important thing of life.

There’s a river that God’s in the midst of. Be that river, trusting and filled so much that streams of His presence branch off from you, offering refreshment to others.

I Heard the Bells, and Peace Was Mine

I Heard the Bells, and Peace Was Mine

Despair was Real

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day. Their old familiar carols play, and wild and sweet the words repeat of peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

Can you hear them? I hadn’t. I couldn’t. Life was difficult, and evil was holding me with a firm grip.

“I thought how, as the day had come, the belfries of all Christendom had rolled along th’unbroken song of peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

I believed. Growing up, I’d learned of Christ and His peace, yet there I was seriously questioning whether peace was really possible.

“And in despair I bowed my head: ‘There is no peace on earth,’ I said, ‘For hate is strong, and mocks the song of peace on earth, goodwill to men.’”

I did. Just as the song had said. I played the notes, read the words, and bowed my head. I was defeated.

“Then peeled the bells more loud and deep: ‘God is not dead: nor doth He sleep; the wrong shall fail the right prevail, with peace on earth, goodwill to men.’”

Peace Was Mine!

Oh my goodness! I heard it! Did you? The wrong shall fail, the right prevail (also known as succeed, overcome, conquer, be victorious, triumph) WITH PEACE on earth, goodwill (kindness, friendliness, helpfulness, concern, care) to men. You see, I was going to prevail because I was able to experience peace regardless of circumstances. That was something my enemy would never be able to feel.

“Till ringing, singing on its way, the world revolved from night to day, a voice, a chime, a chant sublime, of peace on earth, goodwill to men!”

Inwardly my life was transformed. Outwardly, life went on no different than before. But as it did, my heart’s desire changed. I prayed for peace. I prayed for others to experience and believe in the peace that I was experiencing, including my enemy.

Revelation from God is Powerful. His Peace is Great!

Click to hear Rebecca’s story of a peace that does pass all understanding.

Prayer of Peace

Father, I know that only those that You draw will meet and realize the beauty of a relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. This Christmas season, I pray that You touch many in need of the peace that You offer. Have them experience the transformation that leads to Your peace which passes all understanding. Thank You for loving me, guiding me, and instilling in me a trust that brings me comfort and confidence in Your plan, regardless of circumstances. In Jesus name, Amen.

Social Media Acceptance Wanted

Social Media Acceptance Wanted

Seeking Social Media Acceptance

Social media acceptance is a driving force in many people’s daily lives. There’s a need for approval. And with the internet, we can reach far and wide in search of it. For business owners, it’s important to be noticed in order to be successful. For individuals, acceptance has a value that goes deeper than money. Ultimately, we spend a lot of time and energy seeking it.

Social Media Acceptance-Rebecca on LiveMe app

I’ve dealt with many inappropriate contacts while broadcasting on LiveMe.

Evil is Lurking

It’s frustrating making connections we hope are purposeful only to discover evil intentions lurking. Be aware. Darkness is intent on infiltrating where possible. As we pursue social media acceptance, we inevitably become targets. Satan uses others to reach us, attempting to bring us down. He uses our need for attention to hurt us or make us afraid. Hidden within a cyberworld, attacks, demeaning behavior, and violations of our moral space are rampant. Rather than joyfully growing in community, as we intend, we become victimized.

So what do we do when darkness encroaches?

Know That You’re Valuable

We need to recognize our worth. If we focus on social media acceptance but fail to realize how valuable we are, we’ll struggle when inappropriately contacted. God created each of us intentionally. He loves us immensely. He sent His Son to die as a ransom for our sin, removing Satan’s hold on us. Knowing that we’re valuable in God’s sight helps us stand strong when darkness tries to intimidate.

Keeping our attention on God allows us to grow personally. We accept and care more for ourselves. Contentment is reflected from this powerful relationship. We become likable to those drawn to us by God. A separation of followers begins to take place that is organic and meaningful. We gain some and we lose some. Our social media acceptance will grow with the right followers for us. By seeking God’s wisdom and strength, we’re able to recognize and deal with the approach of evil attention calmly, firmly, and appropriately.

Seeking God’s Direction Gives Perspective

Seek God’s wisdom about questionable connections. Keep Him at the forefront. Be obedient to His lead. He can see what we can’t and knows what someone’s intentions truly are. Also, He knows when we should offer kindness instead of anger when insulted. We could be the seed God’s using to reach someone, or we could be the one to hold them accountable. Only God knows. Ultimately, seeking God’s will can put our desire for social media acceptance in proper perspective.

Find your value in God, be genuine in your social media accounts, don’t let evil contacts disrupt you, and enjoy God-given connections. For additional reading on empowerment, check out my blog, Ladies, You Are Valuable!

Old Haunts Taunt

Old Haunts Taunt

We’re creatures of habit, change is hard, and our minds are powerful. These three thoughts influence us negatively when old haunts taunt.

Being indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit lifts us beyond our temptations. An intimate connection with God offers fellowship with One who’s in control. It allows us strength from One who’s almighty. Living through the Spirit frees us from the weight of our guilt and shame.

Creature of Habit

What can we do when old familiar haunts of days past taunt until they become our focus again? Though perhaps not seen outwardly, their presence is felt. This was conduct of a life thought to be traded in for robes of white. The creature of habit, whispering lies of comfort, no matter the cost, rises up once more.

Change is Hard

A great weight was lifted when you gave God your life. You sensed the difference. The freedom was amazing. The joy He brought was immeasurable. Now, you sit thinking of such change. Was it real? How could it have been if temptation has risen so strongly once more? Ultimately, you admit in defeat that change is hard.

Our Minds Are Powerful

When old haunts rise, thinking consumes. It morphs to disbelief in the truth of who we are as children of God. Frustration overwhelms, and soon we find ourselves giving in to the old nature. After all, our minds are powerful. The more we think on something, the more controlling it becomes.

A haunt that taunts holds tight

Haunts that taunt hold tight. Don’t let them get a grip!

What influences you? You may feel that the old haunts taunt you and lead you to fail, returning you to old ways you’d turned from when God became your focus, but you’re wrong. It’s not really the old haunts that are to blame, it’s what you do with them.

You’re Worth It!

Stop thinking about them! Be aware. The more you think on them, the more power they have. Turn your thinking instead to God. Whenever temptation rises, consciously turn your thoughts to God. Talk to Him, aloud if you must. Put on music that honors Him and sing along. Read something that points to Him. Whatever it takes for you to focus on God instead, do it. Taking the time to refocus is worth it! You are worth it! God is the answer. He is what will break the spell when old haunts taunt!

Promiscuity Is Common, So Is Shame

Promiscuity Is Common, So Is Shame

Sexual Encounters Often Bring Shame

Promiscuity is common, so is the shame it brings. Disgrace weighs heavy on the shoulders of the ashamed. I know, because I was one such teenager, looking for connection, friendship, and belonging. I was timid and awkward. Often, my lack of wisdom led to being used, taken advantage of, and emotionally scarred. When young, I’m not sure we’re aware how deeply intimate sexual encounters really are and how violating they can ultimately feel.

God’s Holy Spirit offers powerful personal guidance. Though I’d felt His nudges giving me direction, I didn’t listen. I stepped into situations regularly where I felt darkness around me. God had full knowledge of what I’d experience if I continued on this path and the insecurity that’d overwhelm me for years to come. His alerts were clear. I chose to ignore Him.

God’s laws, His Biblical principles, and the nudging of His Holy Spirit are not given for us to fear Him or His punishment. Jesus took our sins away, those of us who accept His salvation. However, like a parent who loves greatly, He doesn’t want to see His children hurt. He offers guidance to help us avoid pain.

The enemy wants us to be crippled, emotionally defeated, and keepers of secrets. Robbed of peace, we live behind masks, trying to portray who we wish we were. Still, the shame tugs, penetrating our image, poking holes with whispers of worthlessness that tear us down further.

Give Up or Attack – Where Can Peace Be Found?

At some point, many of us break from this heavy weight. Depression, suicide, drug or alcohol dependencies become reality as we give up. Some of us lash out, demanding that we’re not the ones at fault for our suffering. Still, afraid and flailing, hoping peace will come with attack, it falls short. We fail to see where true peace comes from. The peace we hunger for, the deep cleansing breath of fresh air that liberates, can only come from God.

The enemy uses many sources to hurt us. Often its people; sometimes new friends or strangers. Frequently it’s those we’ve cared for. How do we reconcile the mixed feelings we struggle with when we’ve been used or abused? Before you choose to take action, seek God. Understand that your enemy, who may seem to be of flesh and blood, is really Satan. Your human adversary is a pawn in a much bigger picture. Fighting the mortal doesn’t win a battle, because this is a Spiritual fight. However, God is powerful! Get quiet with Him. Lay all your shame at His feet. Let Him take up arms on your behalf. Let Him fill and comfort you. He can lead you to freedom, however that looks. Be bold, trust Him, and be obedient to His direction.

Naked and Unashamed!

I’ve no shame now for the actions from my youth, my own or those which took place against me. Ever since God called me to Him and I’ve grown close to the One who loves me deeply and unconditionally, I’ve come to love myself. My insecurities were transformed. My anger dissolved. I realized Satan was the enemy all along. Deep sadness slipped away. The image I’d been hiding behind crumbled. I’m naked and unashamed now, able to be open with the pains of my past, though they’re not my focus anymore. The joy of the Lord is instead.

Satan has no power to destroy my peace. Because my peace is not rooted in anything earthly, it’s beyond the reach of any adversary. As far as those who’ve hurt me? I pray that they receive the same revelation of God that I’ve had. I pray for peace for them, because I know there’s only suffering in darkness, and I don’t want others to suffer anymore.

Click for this message in video format.

Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies

Self-Perception is Fickle

“It’d been better if I’d never been born,” we think. “I’m nothing but a disappointment anyway.” Suicidal tendencies are rearing their ugly head. Pain inflicted upon us throughout life has worn us down. Entrenched in our bad choices, we perceive ourselves as burdens now, leading us to such dark thoughts. In time, those dark thoughts morph to a reality of sorts, rooted in nothing more than our own self-condemning points of view. Self-perception is a fickle thing. It changes, often by the moment and often for the worse.

How many are struggling with issues that overwhelm and take us to a point so far removed from the peace and joy that we desire that it makes us angry, sad, frustrated, and self-destructive? Overwhelmed and hurting, we become desperate to escape from our problems, if even for just a moment. Time spent without troubles, to enjoy life, might seem elusive.

Peace Comes…Once I Die

As a teenager, I believed that peace would be found…in heaven, once I died. How many overwhelmed teens and adults harbor that same helpless belief, whether acted on or not? I’ve since found that peace can be enjoyed throughout life, even amidst the worst of trials. I want to share what I’ve found to combat the hardships we endure throughout our ever-changing lives. Christ is the answer. Seek a personal relationship with God, your own private Counselor and Guide. Rise up, sweet child, and shed your suicidal tendencies. I’m praying for you. Click the video to listen to my full message on Suicidal Tendencies.

Resources: Help for Suicidal Tendencies

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is an available resource. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is another great resource with local chapters in each state. You can browse their websites, view their wealth of information, as well as access hotline phone numbers. Join the #BeThe1To movement and spread the word on suicide prevention! Most importantly, don’t forget to pray! With God, all things are possible.

Rebecca’s novels related to this topic

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God’s Lovingkindness, Where is it?

God’s Lovingkindness, Where is it?

Give thanks to the Lord?

In Psalm 92:1-2, it’s suggested that it is good to give thanks to the Lord. In addition to that, singing praises to His name adds to the jubilant recommendation. And finally, we’re to declare God’s lovingkindness and faithfulness both morning and night.

How can we give thanks and sing praises when life is a struggle? If we’re walking in the darkness of loss or hurt, why would we? What is there to be thankful for when life is tragic? If God is almighty, we might question why He’d allow the difficulties that have us far from peace.

Who is it good for?

If it’s good to give thanks and praise to the Lord, who is it good for? I’d gather that God has continued without fail whether we’ve thanked and praised Him or not. Then it must be good for us! It is, and here’s where faith can be your catapult to living joyfully instead.

Landscape scene. God's lovingkindness

It is good to give thanks to the Lord!

Life is tough. Our journey here on earth seems to be a mix of tragedy, good fortune, confusion, and happiness. There are days of achievement, but there are also days of discouragement, pulling at emotions that dictate what kind of day we’ll experience. We strive to find balance, experience peace, or make some sense of the life we’re living. Have faith. There is good for us.

Does God really offer lovingkindness and faithfulness?

Lovingkindness, by definition, is tenderness and consideration for others. It’s the opposite of ill will toward someone. Faithfulness is the quality of being faithful or true to another person. These are God’s traits toward us, and yet the difficult lives many of us succumb to lead us to question whether He really offers them to us.

How can we excitedly tell others of God’s lovingkindness and faithfulness? We who are broken can’t even absorb His wonderfulness for ourselves. Additionally, we’re expected to exhibit these traits as proof of our faith. That’s some pressure, huh? No matter how much we try to apply faith, we’ll struggle. God’s traits aren’t meant to be applied. He lives them. When He is at our center, His qualities show through us.

Can we offer lovingkindness and faithfulness?

Is it possible for us to offer lovingkindness and faithfulness? Due to our own failure to achieve these qualities, we condemn ourselves. Also, we’re resentful of others who lack the same ability. Do we offer lovingkindness to those who’ve hurt us or our loved ones? Likely not. What takes its place? Animosity, frustration, an overwhelming feeling of unfairness. We wish our enemy would pay consequences that make them hurt. We want justice! At what cost?

Lone tree in the fog. God's lovingkindness

Our journey here on earth seems to be a mix of tragedy, good fortune, confusion, and happiness.

Fidelity, faithfulness, for many of us, is a lofty expectation too, often met with disappointment. Many have been hurt by unfaithful people. On the other hand, though we judge people for this, we also find ourselves among those who struggle with being faithful. The guilt can be crushing.

So, if we don’t have anything to feel thankful for, if we’ve nothing praiseworthy happening in our lives, why would we even think of God as faithful? We’d be hard pressed to consider the things God is allowing as lovingkindness. Right?

God’s qualities fill us!

However, as the Psalm suggests, in a posture of praise and thankfulness for our Lord, we can declare God’s lovingkindness and faithfulness. Again, these are God’s qualities. They are part of His essence. He is a God of love. He will not turn from His children, ever, and we can experience what these qualities mean personally to us. Greater still, we can exhibit them outwardly, even in the most trying of circumstances.

When we ask Christ to be at our center, when we ask His Holy Spirit to come into us, God’s qualities fill us. This takes a step of faith, asking Him in. I want you to take it, though, and watch God move! The more we focus on Him, talk with Him, listen for Him, wait on Him, and grow to trust Him, the stronger we experience His qualities. He has much to teach us who come close to Him. God’s lovingkindness and faithfulness are personally revealed to us. As a result, the revelation of His essence causes us to give thanks, sing praises, and declare loudly what He can do. God allows His traits to shine through us to touch others as He intends.

You will declare God’s lovingkindness!

So you must get to know your Creator on a very private and intimate level. Keep your eyes on Him constantly, converse with Him always. Seek His wisdom, love, peace, and guidance every day. Naturally, His traits will infiltrate your being as His Spirit responds. Finally, the old will pass away. Every morning and every night you’ll find it hard to resist and you will declare it!

We praise You Lord. We thank You for Your lovingkindness and faithfulness toward us, even when we hadn’t seen or deserved it. May those who’ve wronged us see these traits of Yours shining from within us so that they might also find hope in You.

Faith mug. God's lovingkindness

Thank You, Lord, for Your lovingkindness!

In Need of Peace

In Need of Peace

“The Son of man is come to save that which was lost. Lost…In the fog of life, many of us feel lost, afraid, hurt, in need of peace. Talk to Jesus. Let His powerful light in. He will comfort and heal the lost and the broken.”

The Sun Shining Through on a Foggy Morning

Recently, I posted the above picture and encouragement on Instagram and Facebook. I received a few comments. One, in particular, brought to mind God’s power of revelation. “When is Jesus coming? … I feel like we’re being sold lost hope,” they wrote. That’s a powerful statement, and there’s truth to it.

Where does hope lie? Does hope lie in lessons taught or behaviors practiced? No. It needs to come from Someone greater. Are the dark circumstances throughout the world causing hopelessness? Hope can’t come from earthly conditions. Likewise, earthly incidents can’t take hope away. True hope only comes from the Creator. Literature, videos, and sermons based on what we’ll experience some day when Jesus returns or when we reach Heaven inundate us. There seems to be a lot of hope in a distant event as if we can’t enjoy a relationship with God now. That is discouraging. We can enjoy a relationship with God now. And furthermore, we can experience His qualities of peace, joy, and love now too. Ultimately, I want to encourage all that God holds the answer. He IS the answer to every question. Here is my Facebook response:

“Jesus came and died a Savior for the lost. Those words, “The Son of man is come to save that which was lost,” came from Him. I agree though. We’re being sold a lost hope. Perhaps it’s a “false” hope, sold by man.

When hope lies in what others are telling us or in what we’ve studied and work to apply we will struggle and lose hope. No amount of studying and applying techniques will bring about true peace. It’s not something in the distance, just beyond reach, taunting us until we figure out how to feel it.

Peace, joy, love, and freedom are qualities of God, our Creator, and are experienced personally when we are in a deep and intimate relationship directly with Him. This can be immediate. When we become fully centered on Him, ask His Holy Spirit to fill us, and dwell in His Presence, those qualities fill us and hope is found.

It’s nothing that can be experienced by learning or trying, earning or applying. The hope and joy of God comes by revelation from Him only. That is why it takes a relationship with Him to fulfill it. We don’t have to wait for a future coming, our death, or Heaven in order to have hope fulfilled.

Jesus said He must go so that He could send those of us who ask a Comforter (the Holy Spirit) which will guide us individually into all truth. Talk to Him! Get to know Him. Invite His powerful light in. God does comfort and heal.”

So let me encourage you to turn to God. If you’re lost and broken and in need of peace, or if life is difficult and you’re weary, look to Him. It truly is that easy. God is the ONLY One who can fill you with peace and joy. Ultimately, there is no twelve step program that imparts true peace or love, because those are God’s qualities to impart. Face Him and talk with Him. When you seek, you will find. Be insistent. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. His Spirit living within you also fills you with His qualities, and you can rest in them, drinking of them. You will find comfort there so desperately needed.

God sends His Holy Spirit to fill those of us who seek Him. When is Jesus coming? Is His coming a lost hope? Direct connection to Jesus through the Holy Spirit quenches that question. Certainly, it comforts and encourages us to continue on in hope. Through His Holy Spirit, God reveals truth to us. Revealed truth imparts hope that is concrete. Rather than a sense of lost hope, we can sit at the feet of our Savior, enjoying His presence today.

Blessings on your journey with your Creator,


For more encouragement, join my mailing list today! What are you thoughts on peace? Drop me a comment below. Also, if this message was encouraging, share it with others. God bless you.

The Image of Faith

The Image of Faith

The image of faith. What does it look like? When God’s Holy Spirit lives within us and His qualities fill us to overflowing, that image is visible. Yet not all can see it. Those that God intends will see the image of faith shining in us. That ignites those He calls to their own journey into relationship with Him. A journey toward peace, love, and joy.

Click the video below for more on this message from Rebecca.

Outwardly, a life trusting God may not seem unique or different than most. Life is still messy. Tragedies will still occur. Things will be difficult at times. However, when storms hit, choosing to focus on God is the answer. Asking for His Holy Spirit to dwell within, inviting Him in, welcomes all that God is to fill you. His joy, gentleness, love, kindness, and peace influence your life. His strength and direction become available as well. Trusting and believing in God and His will brings a sense of His peace that nothing on this earth can equal. It satisfies, soothes, and edifies.

At first, when we grow in relationship with Him, God’s qualities fill us. We sense His unconditional love and thrive in it. Forgiveness for ourselves is found as His revelation of forgiveness sinks in. We realize our value when it becomes evident that He created us intentionally. Purpose and joy take root. We believe and trust in our Creator. Eventually, that image of faith becomes evident outwardly. However, not all can see it. God reveals it to those who are thirsty for the same. It ignites their own journey into relationship with God.

Seek God. Talk to Him. Get to know Him. The faith that results brings the greatest treasures. Nothing compares. You too can radiate the image of faith.

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