“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” This verse from the book of Jeremiah sums up my mission very well. Encouragement of a personal and intimate relationship with Christ for others is at the heart of my work, for in that powerful connection there is freedom for many. God is great and mighty and should be the One sought for guidance as He is the only One who knows all.

Stay where you are. Something very bad is coming, but if you remain faithful to Me, you will be truly blessed.” I heard these words many years ago when God spoke direction into my life, and true to His prediction, bad came. However, no matter what life has issued, remaining focused on God and trusting in His will has given a peace that defies understanding. For me, there is no greater blessing possible than His presence.

I pray that many who feel drawn by God to His Son hearken to His voice and grow in connection with Him. No matter who we are, we’ll endure difficulties in this world. We can, those of us who entrust our lives to Christ, experience peace, hope, and even joy during those times. When His Holy Spirit lives within us, when we place Him, first and foremost, at our center, we are filled to overflowing with His qualities, touching the lives of others as well. All by the work of His hand.

I’ve written three realistic fiction Christian novels and three Christian children’s books, all meant to encourage a personal relationship with Christ.  By using the art of story, I’ve been able to illustrate how we can rely on the strength of the Lord and not succumb to Satan’s attempts to disrupt. I blog as God puts messages on my heart, I speak to groups about the blessing of living life trusting our Lord, and, through this website, I’ll reveal more of what everyday life is like seeking and prayerfully following God’s lead.

I’m the mother of four and stepmother of one, all of which are amazing people. As they’ve gotten older now, only one is still at home. My husband, Chris, and I have celebrated our thirteenth year of marriage this past spring. I’ve lived most of my life in northern New Hampshire where the beauty of God’s work of nature inspires me greatly. I enjoy taking pictures, making puzzles, and generally being a homebody. Most importantly, I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love!

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