First and foremost at our center,
that’s where God desires to be.

Rebecca L. Matthews

Stay where you are. Something very bad is coming, but if you remain faithful to Me, you will be truly blessed.”

I heard these words many years ago. God spoke direction into my life, and true to His prophesy, bad came. However, no matter what life has issued, remaining focused on God and trusting in His will has given me a peace that defies understanding. There has been no greater blessing possible than my relationship with Him.

I pray that many who feel drawn to God hearken to His voice and grow in connection with Him. No matter who we are, we’ll face difficulties in this world. We can, those of us who entrust our lives to Him, experience peace, hope, and even joy during difficult times. When His Holy Spirit lives within us, when we place Him, first and foremost, at our center, we are filled to overflowing with Him and His qualities. All by the work of His hand.

I have three realistic fiction Christian novels and three Christian children’s books published, all meant to encourage a personal relationship with God. By using the art of story and written word I try to illustrate how we can rely on the strength of the Lord and not succumb to Satan’s attempts to disrupt true peace. As God places messages on my heart, I offer encouragement through this website and my social media accounts. I pray for the opportunity to have works published once again.

My husband Chris and I, parents to five amazing people, are now enjoying being empty nesters. Childhood friends who reconnected later in life, we married in the spring of 2005. We live in northern New Hampshire where the beauty of God’s nature is breathtaking. Our latest endeavor is a vinyl record shop, Chris’s Nostalgia Shop, which, since January of 2018, is run from our home in Whitefield. Fun as these earthly jobs are for me, I mostly love to tell the story of Jesus and His love! I want nothing more than to encourage others to experience God’s love for themselves.

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