Hi friends, Rebecca here. My husband, Chris, and I live in beautiful northern New Hampshire where God placed me as a young child, and it’s where we’ve raised our own children. It feels like Heaven on Earth to me (except for the frigid cold, at times, in the winter – I’m sure God doesn’t allow cold like that in Heaven).


Welcome to my virtual home. Thank you for visiting. Make yourself comfortable. I pray that while you’re here you’ll feel encouraged to place God, first and foremost, at your center. In that intimate space, you’ll experience true unconditional love and a peace that does pass all understanding. True peace is only found in a personal relationship with Christ. There will be troubles here during our Earthly walk, but God is an amazing refuge! His qualities are satisfying and yet keep us longing for more of Him. Join me on this journey. Let’s experience the narrow path together as we are fed by and led by His Holy Spirit.


Browse around and check out what goes on in my neck of the woods. Though my goal is to illustrate what God can do in your life when you entrust it to Him, I’m sharing all He’s done in mine as well; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Enjoy your visit, drop me a line to say hi, and come back often!

Latest Blogs

Join me on this earthly journey as I blog the adventures and messages our Lord prompts, allows, and carries me through. Life’s messy, but Christ’s peace is available to all of us. Let’s embrace Him.

The COVID-19 Contrast

The COVID-19 Contrast

We’re a people divided as a COVID-19 contrast makes itself increasingly clearer. We either want it taken seriously, often because we’ve had experiences with it, or we’re fighting for our rights, regardless of who it may hurt.

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Latest Video Messages

I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love, of how wonderful a personal relationship with Him is, and the strength and power He imparts when we trust in Him. I share some of the messages God has put on my heart through video. Check them out here.

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