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Join me on this earthly journey as I blog the adventures and messages our Lord prompts, allows, and carries me through. Life’s messy, but Christ’s peace is available to all of us. Let’s embrace Him.
Mothers, Where is Your Faith?

Mothers, Where is Your Faith?

Rather than exerting all our efforts into making perfect lives for our children, which is impossible, let’s instead stand on faith when things go awry. When our children face the many difficulties that life will introduce them to, it would be most important that they know Who to turn to and Who to lean on for strength and peace. God is the only One who can help them endure and thrive.

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I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love, of how wonderful a personal relationship with Him is, and the strength and power He imparts when we trust in Him. I share some of the messages God has put on my heart through video. Check them out here.

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