We Have Fallen

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To Feel Empowered

It’s a story played out all too often when we feel empowered. We ultimately take advantage of our positions and begin to use them for our own purposes. At what point does the line become less clear? We’re blessed by God and sense His love and presence. It’s such a powerful time and it leads to a feeling that we are unbeatable. It is beautiful and attracts others, but then, with all the attention, it becomes about us, somehow, instead. We have fallen: away from our intent, away from helping others, and are in danger of our downfall.

Lord, keep us humble. We’re always searching for meaning and purpose, and leading people to You is a worthy cause. But as our guidance is sought by others who are searching, it so easily leads us to act in Your stead. Help us to keep our hearts and minds on You no matter what. Let us be witness to Your work, rather than succumbing to the false belief that we’re the facilitators.

When The Mission Replaces God

In our haughtiness when we rise to high positions, we point to others faults, failing to offer mercy and love, leading others to law rather than Christ. In our overconfidence, we forget humanity and lose our own humble nature. Beware, when focus on the mission replaces focus on God, we will fall. We should fall.

However, at no point must we lose hope. No matter how great we had thought of ourselves or how far we have fallen, we have a mighty God Whose mercy is eternal. Turn full attention back toward Him. Return to the basics of relationship, an intimacy between us and God only. Let Him fill our cups once more so that our hearts offer justice and mercy to others, instead of conviction, and submission to our Lord.

Return To God When We Have Fallen

Let’s return to holding the hand of the sinner rather than exposing them. Resume praying with God, rather than for the show of it, so we can witness His power through the words He puts on our hearts. Once more, we can personally experience how real God’s help is when we are in need. And finally, we will return to willingly give back to God by making Him the center of our worlds once more. Let our hearts, minds, and souls be the offering that are laid on the altar.

Lord, forgive us the arrogance that has taken over our love for You. You know our hearts and are kind to humble us rather than forsake us. Let us return to intimacy with You and resume pointing others to You for themselves. We are not a god, though we’ve placed ourselves in such positions. It is You we want to highlight. Shine, Lord, and reveal Yourself so that all Your children see Your glory.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God’s peace,


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Micah 6:8, Proverbs 17:9, Matthew 21:22, Psalm 46:1, 1 Chronicles 29:14

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