Christian Parenting

The words “Christian parenting” may conjure thoughts of coddling and protecting. They may imply high expectations or an image of goodness, but I’m suggesting another view.

God allows us to go through experiences, good and bad, that shape and mold us. We’re exposed to circumstances that ignite passion, leading some to make a difference for others. God shines through us in dark places that difficult times have brought us to. Our children, entrusted to God, will also endure difficulties for which we can’t and sometimes shouldn’t protect them from.

Little Birch Finds Peace Holds A Message For All

March 3rd was the anniversary of a piece of work I’d never expected to create. My first children’s book, Little Birch Finds Peace, came by way of a challenge. During a marketing event for my previous books at a local agricultural fair, my husband said he’d like to see a new novel and a children’s book available within a year. I hadn’t been interested in writing children’s books, but I sat down in my booth and wrote this story.

Little Birch Finds Peace was based on a real set of trees. God spoke to me through them of struggle, growth, and the value of trust. I’d wanted to imbed this comparison within a novel some time. But since it’s publication, it’s proven to be a powerful message for both children and adults alike.

Painting of Little Birch

You’re Perfect Just The Way God Made You

God Allows Trials Which Lead To Good

God allows us to endure trials and times of hurt. We learn many lessons through them. Though we often live with the reminders of our past sufferings, beautiful things can be seen that wouldn’t have been experienced otherwise.

When we grow in relationship with Christ, we grow to trust God and His will for our lives. It’s in that trust that we eventually can see the good that God has intended. How can we patiently watch, though, when our children are led through tough experiences of their own?

Little Birch was one such child, of a sapling sort, whose mother had to wait many years before seeing the blessings God planned. However, her faith never faltered. At least it didn’t waver enough to cause her to intervene.

The Story Reflects God’s Parenting

The story, ultimately, is a reflection of parenting. Not just ours but God’s as well. Our children are not our own. They are His. After many years of weight, trauma, and hurt laid upon the life of Little Birch, God brought about beautiful days. He exposed purpose to him. The peace Little Birch found wasn’t due to a happy moment, but was a direct result of finally trusting God.

That same trust was something his mother already knew. By letting go, but still encouraging him in his faith, she was able to let God do His work in her little one. Ultimately, it brought Him to a deep sense of peace, hope, joy, and love.

Christian Parenting Is By Faith

This is something we want for our own children, isn’t it? There are times that we’re meant to intervene in our children’s lives. However, I believe it’s not as frequently or as obvious as we think. Christian parenting is by faith. We recognize that only God knows when we’re to step in and alter the course of events for our kids. We need to remain focused on Him, seeking His wisdom and direction.

I pray that you diligently seek His will, step out on faith, and allow Him room to parent your children. Keep in mind that only He knows your child’s tomorrow, and that tomorrow may involve some powerful experiences today.

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Enjoy Little Birch Finds Peace in this cartoon version or click here to open it directly in Youtube.

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