Destroy My Enemy, God!

When an enemy oppresses us, we cry out to God, hoping for His hand to be obvious and immediate in response. Do you wonder why God isn’t destroying evil? Do you struggle trusting Him? Can you use a healthy dose of peace in your life? Yes, yes, and yes? Such is the life of mortality. We have become frustrated that evil always seems to rule. We finally demand, “Destroy my enemy, God!”

Really? Do we really want our enemy destroyed? Due to our pain, we fail to see our situations from a Spiritual point of view. Let me invite you to look at things a bit differently. In another blog I’ve written, Son’s and Daughter’s of the King, I help you sense the real God as I ask you to close your eyes, take a breath, and envision Christ before you. His love is real. The Lord’s comfort is genuine. Because God’s ways are mighty, we can let His Holy Spirit fill, soothe, and guide us into an amazing tomorrow.

You see, those who are filled with God’s Holy Spirit are soothed while the wicked do absolutely suffer. This is so much more effective and exact in comforting the holy while attacking the evil. Even if they are right beside each other, no harm will come, Spiritually speaking, to the righteous.

It’s a Spiritual Battle

We may not see it, and we may struggle under their oppression, but evil people are being punished. The holy, the righteous, and the good are being spared. It’s a Spiritual battle. There is no peace or comfort in darkness. In fact, true joy is not possible. Ultimately, life is void of real love for those who are evil. They are empty. Oppression surrounds the wicked while joy and  peace are available to God’s children every second of every day.

As much as we want to see evil people destroyed (a great example is found in my novel The Truth Will Set You Free), we must be aware that the battle is very real and actively present. You don’t have to see victory to believe it. No great catastrophe has to happen to the enemy to know God is at work. It is a far greater battle taking place within an evil person, and for those who are suffering in the darkness, I ask God to reveal His presence to them. In the end, regardless of whatever they’ve done, I pray they gain a personal relationship with God that removes Satan’s power. I hope God’s freedom refreshes them.

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