“My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

First, shunned and mocked, beaten down and tormented, Jesus had reached the end of Himself and cried out in anguish to His Father. Then, a moment of acknowledged separation, an emptiness, void of any possible peace or joy, and yet God ordained it. Actually, He orchestrated it. Nothing happened without His influence. Not one human decision was made in error.

There Was Purpose in the Death of Jesus

There was purpose in the death of Jesus, the final unblemished sacrifice for sin. It was necessary. It wasn’t senseless, as heartbreaking as it is to ponder. Resenting the decisions that brought about His death is unnecessary. Comparing ourselves to those characters, assuming we’d make similar or differing decisions, is needless. God was controlling the events and they played out as He intended. Jesus’ death immediately created freedom for you and me, freedom from fear and the Spiritual separation that comes from sin. We will never lack connection with God due to our sin. Satan has lost all power.

Crown of Thorns by Paula Hutchinson-Dunn

If There is a God, Why is There Suffering?

You may wonder why you suffer then, here on earth. There’s so much drama, hate, and hurting. Life has been difficult! Why has tragedy struck and left you weary? You’ve felt empty and void of joy. Simply taking the next step is such a struggle. Why is violence and fear dictating life? There are so many questions, and so much confusion. If there is a God, then why? Why have You forsaken me?

The Spiritual Realm is Present

Christ, in His anguished cry, released us from that very same feeling of distress. Never will any of us cry out and not be heard. Jesus’ death tore the veil of separation between the created and the Creator. Your cries will be heard and responded to by God Himself. Have faith. Faith is the catalyst for direct relations with God. The Spiritual realm that once was separate is now ever present.

Trust Like Jesus Did

Reflect on Jesus’ behavior as the tragic event of the end of His earthly life played out. He never wavered from trusting God’s will, even unto death. Though He obviously wasn’t too keen on what was coming next, His faith was strong. Believing in something unseen, faith to us, was actual knowledge for Jesus. We can live like that, and in so doing, all the questions of why will be met and dispelled. Trust like Jesus did. Know that God is with us now and we’re never forsaken.

You Can Experience Peace in the Midst of Difficulties

No more do we who believe experience separation from our Creator. No more emptiness, or lack of peace or joy will be endured, because such faith ushers in these blessings. Yes, earthly tragedy will still occur, but even in the  midst of difficult times in our lives, we can be filled with God’s peace, joy, and love. We are One with Him. His qualities are ours and we, just like Jesus, can trust in His will right up to the moment we depart this world.

You Will Never Be Forsaken by God

You may have reached the end of yourself, crying our to God in anguish, tired of all this wicked world seems to offer. Accept the invitation to embrace the Spiritual and supernatural life He has for you. Draw close to Him. It is a quiet, intimate, and deeply personal relationship. Talk to Him, ask His Holy Spirit to dwell within your being, and seek His wisdom constantly. Peace is in trusting God and His will for your life, and because of Jesus’ obedience, God will never forsake you.

Christ our King
Painting by Steve Bissonnette

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