Do you desire freedom from jealousy? Jealousy, it’s something that has influenced many characters throughout history. Even so, there’s a way to be free from it!

God is in control!

Jealousy is ugly. It keeps those of us who struggle with it miserable. It causes us to act in hurtful ways, but don’t forget Who’s in control. God is. He uses our actions to bring about His will. Yes, even our ugly actions. He’s powerful enough to influence the behaviors that lead to the realization of His plan. We can’t screw it up on Him! Are your plans being negatively affected by someone who’s jealous of what you’re accomplishing, what you have, or what you intend to do? Don’t worry. The plans you have may be being disrupted, but God’s aren’t. Trust Him and relax in a freedom from jealousy.

Some want to disrupt our freedom from jealousy

Remember, God’s timing is perfect. Whether our present situation seems good or bad, flesh often can’t see beyond it. If circumstances seem bad, we become discouraged and lose hope, as if things won’t ever change. If we’re being blessed, we forget from where we’ve come or that the season may change. When Christ is our center, highs and lows need not disrupt. There’s an evenness, a peace about life. Not in circumstances, but in our Spirit. Be wary of who it’s shared with though, because Satan uses some to try to disrupt our trust in God. They trample and mock our faith, bring us down, and allow jealousy to lead their actions. We find ourselves needing freedom from jealousy that’s no longer present.

Be content in God

Unfortunately, jealousy plays a heavy role in this earthly life. We struggle under its weight from our own points of view and also from that of others. However, when we focus on Christ, jealousy can become a non-issue. When we’re content in God and His love for us, others jealousy is meaningless. We, on the other hand, have no thought of jealousy when Christ has filled us with His heart. We cheer for others who are blessed by Him and are content with what He provides for us. It’s such a refreshing way to live. Welcome to freedom from jealousy!

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