Freedom. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Or is it?

It’s frightening. The work required to keep it is overwhelming. But is it really? With God orchestrating it, the only thing you need to do is claim it!

Clinging to the comforts of prison

Often at first, we waver when we step out on faith. Then the questions begin to rise and fear takes root: What if we’re wrong or haven’t done what’s required? Ultimately, we return to what’s known and follow law, rather than accept grace.

From the comfort of such a prison we know where we stand. We understand what’s expected of us there. Also, we hunger for something to do to have a hand in our own righteousness. After all, earning our way just seems appropriate.

Being idle and allowing God full control is just too awkward, perhaps even sinful. However, freedom is not just something to experience later in heaven. No, it’s real, available to live in here, and is yours today!

Click the video below for the 8 minute and 50 second message that Freedom Is Yours!

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