I run a vinyl record shop, my husband’s hobby, which has greatly altered my life as an author. For years we traveled New England selling my books, meeting people, and encouraging them in relationship with God. We often discussed expanding these trips countrywide once our youngest was to graduate.

That’s all changed.

His sudden, fast-growing collection of records frustrated me. I felt I was supposed to be supportive, but it was nothing I cared about. I finally offered help, and we spent many nights checking, cleaning, and organizing all he was amassing. What was the purpose, I wondered?

Selling seemed logical. Chris joined me as a vendor at a number of fairs until it became too burdensome. I knew my life was at a crossroad. Years of marketing had come to an end. After seeking God’s direction, I offered my services, and we opened a store.

Chris and Rebecca Matthews stands in front of the Open sign in front of their new vinyl record shop, Chris's Nostalgia Shop

Chris’s Nostalgia Shop opened for business on January 29, 2018

During this transition, inwardly I was hurt. My publisher had already closed unexpectedly in the midst of projects. Now, with the loss of hands-on marketing, my dreams as a writer felt crushed. Though I wavered in my support, I trusted God.

We just celebrated the store’s one year anniversary!

In this time I’ve realized my relationship with God is more important than my writing being recognized, and I’ve become pleased with supporting my husband’s dreams, being available for my family, and writing encouraging content for others. Most importantly, with all the time I now spend focused on my Lord, I sense His powerful presence all the time. He’s at my center again, where He belongs.

Chris’s Nostalgia Shop was perfect for me!

You see, God knows what’s best, and while change always comes, I’ve found joy in being content wherever He has me. Let me encourage you. No matter what changes occur, perceived good or bad, trust Him. His will is best!

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