Evil Positioned to be God’s Chosen Vessel

Can God use your enemy for good? Can someone evil become God’s chosen vessel? He positions all of us where He needs, including some who’ve been harmful or dangerous. Imagine God suddenly shining His light through someone who’d been evil. By doing so, He effectively becomes present in places where there may be many who are hard to reach.

God’s People Have Refuge from Evil

Above all, Jesus died for us, the broken, the disappointments, the outlaws. He took our sin and Satan’s power away, giving us treasure in return. The Lord IS the treasure. He is the full portion of our inheritance. The gift is complete and experienced within a relationship with our Creator. You see, God is in the generation of the righteous. A number of years or a boundary of culture does not limit this generation. God’s people, those indwelled with His Holy Spirit, have refuge from evil here and now.

Never in Need of Bread

When you reach for the top, a relationship with your Creator, you will obtain all that is under Him as well. Those who keep Christ at their center are never in need of bread. Discard and leave the desire for or attachment to earthly things behind, and God will give it all back to you a hundred times in this age and the next, through eternity. However, when Christ is your focus, these lesser things really aren’t important anymore. The Pagan world chases after them. Don’t limit yourself!

Christ Revealed

Christ Revealed to Evil

After Jesus returned to God, He came back and revealed Himself to Saul, a persecutor of Christians. That’s how powerfully real God is. Jesus said that Saul, who was an enemy to His message initially, was a chosen vessel to reach many people. God allowed Saul to rise up in opposition to Jesus’ way. Then He formed a powerful and intimate relationship with him. Finally, He prompted Saul to step out, shining through him and reaching many who wouldn’t have otherwise been saved. In conclusion, Saul, an enemy to Christians, became God’s chosen vessel.

God Transforms Evil into A Chosen Vessel

God reaches into darkness, establishes vessels there, and shines, also meeting the lost wherever they are. That is how powerful God is in our lives today. He can take someone who has been an enemy to us and transform them into a vessel to accomplish His purposes. Certainly, God’s will is always being done.

Watch the video above or here for Rebecca’s full message on God’s Chosen Vessel.

The Light Within, written by Rebecca L Matthews

Little Birch Finds Peace, written by Rebecca L Matthews, illustrated by Hannah Forcier












Books written by Rebecca relevant to the topic of enemies, bullies, and God using our situations for good:

The Light Within is a novel, and is available in hardcover or paperback. Click the name of the book to link to the first chapter or order.

Little Birch Finds Peace is a fantastic children’s story. It’s written by Rebecca and illustrated by her daughter, Hannah Forcier (click for Hannah’s Youtube channel). It’s available as a paperback story or a coloring book. Click the name of the book to review or order.


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