Life’s Ups and Downs

Life is Challenging

Life’s ups and downs can be challenging. It’s good, and then it’s bad. We lose, and then we gain. Security is achieved, and then becomes unclear. We love and laugh, and we get hurt and cry. This is a sampling of the difficult earthly life we walk. There seems to be no surety, no steady journey upward toward a concrete goal, at least not by what’s seen. But what of the unseen, the Spiritual, the eternal?

When we choose to seek God, to lean into His presence and grow in relationship with Him, He allows us a glimpse into what is unseen all around us, even unto heaven. With such revelation is born contentment, a bold trust that states solidly that God is in control and His ways are much higher.

His love, when revealed, is so great that there is none other so desired. Love, unconditional and all-encompassing from our Creator, is powerful. It is so influential that it transforms, comforts, encourages, and heals inner turmoil. Should such a love be contained or kept to oneself? No, it is a love as great as this that can’t help but overflow the boundaries of our being. Let it. Allow God’s love to touch others, even your enemies.

God’s Love Leads to Peace

A healing love like this leads to peace for the one who embraces relationship with God. A believer exudes this peace, and since it can’t be contained, peace becomes an entity in itself. It becomes present and incorporates those who are touched by it. It is, in fact, God’s presence, offering the peace that only comes from Him.

Peace, deep-seated and pure, cements faith, hope, and charity. These qualities of our Lord, pressed deep within His children, create a cord, woven for strength, keeping us united with God during life’s ups and downs. Charity, a love that is so pure it gives of itself, even to those who seem unworthy, alongside hope and a faith that won’t falter, all are used by God through us to further His will. Be a willing participant in His plan. Realize that He can use life’s ups and downs for His purpose. Let Him work through you as you keep focused on Him.

Now when times of struggle come, as the world seems ever intent on inflicting it, when evil taunts in the night, beckoning us to fret and lose our rest, we have a choice: sink into the Spirit within or entertain the anxiety. Choose God. Turn your scattered thoughts and worries toward Him, focus on Him, and let Him soothe and calm you. Lean into your relationship with Him, reflect on His revelations in your life, and you will find rest.

Turn Your Mind to God When Life’s Ups and Downs Overwhelm

Meditate on our Lord. Think of the grace Jesus offers. Consider the love our mighty God displayed when giving His Son for us and the love He gives today regardless of ourselves. Commune continuously with the Holy Ghost, the Mediator, the Helper within. We can enjoy direct connection with God. This right was purchased by the blood of the Lamb, and our words are immediately relayed to God through the Holy Spirit He places in His children.

Life’s ups and downs lead us through much: tragedies, successes, heartbreaks, and dreams fulfilled. When we are One, tightly knit, and interwoven with our Lord, we can see His light, even in the midst of difficulty. We can gain wisdom and direction. Contentment will be present to help us no matter the chaos. Choose to keep our Lord at your center and you will be truly blessed.

May God be with you all. Amen.

In His peace,


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