Seeds of Suspicion

The news is filled with it, it’s all over the world, and found in many circumstances. People are joining forces and turning on one another as seeds of suspicion are sown. When they take root, some turn that suspicion toward those close to them. In other cases, suspicion brings overwhelming and unhealthy worry for loved ones. In either case, it divides.

There’s a fair amount of suspicion being thrown around these days. It may not be a new phenomenon. Distrust has always been strong in the world. It’s interesting to me though. Sowing seeds of suspicion, or becoming caught up in supporting those who do, seems to lead to no good, and honestly, it’s not even necessary.

Suspicion is Often Used to Gain Position

Seeds of suspicion sown to benefit oneself by undermining the integrity of someone or something may prove profitable but it will eventually falter. However, the failure will be preceded by disaster within the personal lives of those that are drawn into its movement.

When seeds of suspicion sprout within those who unwittingly support it, trust in the target is certainly questioned. That’s the goal, after all. But distrust eventually makes sense on a much grander scale and suspicion or worry turns closer to home.

Evil Is Lurking Everywhere

Seeds of suspicion, sown to the multitudes, can’t possibly remain focused on one entity or one person. Much like the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, someone who partakes becomes keenly aware that evil lurks everywhere. It becomes a heavy burden.

When we become focused on darkness (fear, suspicion, evil), we eventually are given over to it. Whatever we consume will consume us. Stability begins to be lost, along with the relationships (work, marriage, family, faith, politics) that have become impacted by it.

Suspicion Weakens Any Support Base

If a leader is sowing seeds of suspicion, their supporters’ lives will be negatively impacted and the strength of this base becomes greatly weakened. It creates an unstable movement of which nobody benefits in the end. Finally, suspicion will turn toward the person who created the cycle to begin with and chaos will then ensue.

But these seeds, even if taken root, don’t have to grow enough to permanently choke out peace and love.

Choose to Feast on the Tree of Life

Christ died for our sins, freeing us to openly communicate and grow in intimate relationship with God once more.  Our focus, and His, is no longer sin or law but grace. In essence, we have opportunity to eat from the tree of life, cancelling the ill effects of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In this mighty position, with God first and foremost at our center, we can trust in His power and His will, rather than in our own.

When focused on God, communing constantly with Him, seeds of suspicion are less able to settle in and create unhealthy fear. Choosing to live as One with God, life in the Spirit, produces freedom within. We don’t need to rely on the knowledge of good and evil to make sure someone else is doing the right thing or what we wish they’d do. We can settle into grace and entrust them to God.

God is in Control

As believers, we can be assured that God is in control and His plan is not delayed, no matter the appearances. Therefore, suspicion is not necessary. It’s a poison. Just like the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it will destroy stability.

If Suspicion Plagues You

If distrust plagues you or if you’ve been enamored with the seeds of suspicion cast by someone you respect, be encouraged to turn your attention to God instead. Let Him lift your sense of worry.

It’s okay to let your guard down, because God has full knowledge and full control. That’s really all that matters. In fact, letting go of suspicion and worry will lighten the weight you might not realize you’re carrying. Turning your thoughts toward God, filling your heart with conversations with Him, hands Him control and ushers in freedom.

If Others’ Suspicion Troubles You

If others’ suspicion proves troublesome to you, lay that worry down too. God at your center radiates love, forgiveness, long-suffering, and strength, even and especially toward those who are upsetting to you. You don’t need to rise up against these forces of darkness that seem so prevalent. This is a spiritual battle, and you don’t need to fight it. God is at work.

We’re called to love, and to be able to do so in the midst of challenge requires our full attention on Him. A vicious cycle is at hand worldwide, a confusing view, but God is not absent. He is here, in and around us.

Peace Comes When We Love Our Enemy

Right will prevail, but it likely won’t be in the form of good attacking evil or even good winning against evil in a public forum. God’s will conquers in the form of peace. Peace will only come when we choose to forgive and love our enemies. One day those who enjoy His peace will be needed to love those who are victim to the seeds of suspicion. One day those who rest in His peace will be needed to love those who sow those seeds.

Let that day be now.

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