Life’s storms can be overwhelming. Seeing them from a new perspective, a higher point of view, through the eyes of God, can afford peace in the midst of them and give great hope for a time when they’re nothing more than a mere memory.

The cold had settled in. The icicle that had developed off the eave represented winter well. It grew larger and stronger with each rise and fall of the sun. The false heat of day, touching the snow upon the asphalt shingles, fed its stature but offered little respite to me. The larger the icicle became, the more dangerous it seemed. It, just as this particular winter, threatened menacingly that it was here for the long haul. But it had a purpose and a time, regardless of appearances, and it would one day be nothing more than a mere memory.

Such are the storms of life, the events that feel like their grip is oppressive and only growing. To everything there is a season. You see, God is mighty and created us now, for this time and place. It was not we ourselves who brought our existence into being, nor is our stature in this world self-made. We are His people, crafted by His will, and used for His purposes. While in the midst of winter with storms still ahead, know that God allows such seasons but curtails them into an appointed time, also for His purposes. Settle in to a trust of Him, and the storm will not be able to disrupt your peace-producing faith.

Today, though the cold will not release its grip for some time, I’ve gleaned a new perspective on that mighty icicle hanging from the eave outside my window. An angle from above, rather than that seen by most, shows evidence of its weakened state. It hangs now precariously by a tiny spot yet left to melt. By all other appearances, it is strong and menacing. Though oddly beautiful in its imposing presence, a dangerous decent is all that lay ahead, after which it will no longer pose a risk. It strikes me, its frailty. Where once might was its sole impression and still is from others’ points of view, things are shifting.

Though the storm may be strong in your life and the bitterness seems settled in for the long haul, God is in control. Come close to Him. See through His eyes. Get a new perspective and know that wickedness is losing its stability. It may suddenly appear dangerous, but such is the way of evil when it loses its foothold. Darkness always appears most ominous just before the Light dispels it.

God’s peace,


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