You are called.

God has touched your heart and is beckoning you to come close. It’s time for Spiritual intimacy to take root. Get quiet, sink into Him, and let your Lover breath His life and love into your very being. It’s personal, this connection. All of the things that God has allowed you to endure leads to this time of close proximity.

It’s a dance, a movement, a struggle, and a resignation. There’s an ebb and flow, a passion, and a fire. All are evident and present; prodding and prompting you to explore, challenge, and transform who you are singly into who you’re going to be indwelled. The individual you once were may resemble, in shadow, the Spiritual being you’ll become when you come close to God, but your tomorrow promises to be wonderfully unfamiliar. Let the Spiritual intimacy break down your walls, consume your vulnerability, and allow Christ to become the cornerstone of your new life.

You are called. Come close.

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