Peace of Heaven, Is it Your Goal?

Peace of Heaven, Is it Your Goal?

Peace can often be disrupted by change. Change can wreak havoc on our faith, encouraging us to put our hope in the next season, for the peace found in heaven. Is the peace of heaven your goal?

It’s brilliant, the colors produced by frost, but this is July. Summer in New Hampshire isn’t a time for such change. The weather has been wacky. We’ve gone from heat wave to frost filled nights and back to summer in a matter of days. Due to the unexpected frigid temperatures, the vines growing alongside the road have turned a vibrant red. These colorful leaves are a view not normally observed in summer. Nature has an expected course, and yet change has disrupted it.

Our lives are similar to the roadside vines. We’re comfortable. We schedule our days, plan for futures, and have become complacent with the world that surrounds us, as if what is will not change. Everything has a season. We work hard, strive toward goals, and expect that one day we’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor, both financially and personally, but unexpected change can disrupt those plans.

Unwelcome and often difficult to accept, diverting our journey in directions we never imagined, things beyond our control arise, impacting our calculated steps. Change is hard. Rather than life conforming to our plans, we find ourselves adapting on the fly. We scramble to adjust, intent to still achieve the end goals we treasure, our eyes ever on the future. With our focus so often on what’s ahead, our energy spent on maneuvering the myriad of unexpected diversions, we’re never at rest. But the goal is worth it, isn’t it?

This scenario resonates in our Spiritual lives as well. When unexpected issues arise and challenge our faith, we struggle, and work diligently to get the path to peace in view once more. We look forward to heaven and what God has waiting for us there, as if that’s the end goal. Infuriated by the world’s injustices that we can’t seem to rectify, we look forward to the peace we’ll experience one day in heaven. We anticipate a time in which peace and love will rule. Just as with our plan toward retirement or material goals, what is beyond our reach has become our focus. However, God’s Kingdom is meant to be experienced today!

It isn’t beyond reach. It’s not an unseen image off in the distance taunting us. You don’t need to work toward or wish for the end goal of heaven’s peace when God’s Kingdom is present and surrounding you now. You simply need it revealed to you. Turn to Christ. Commune with Him. Be with Him. There is no effort necessary, just a choice to let Him be your King. Let Him open your eyes to the Spiritual realm that is closer than you humanly can perceive. The more intimate your relationship with Christ, the more you see God’s will at work. Unexpected chaos or change becomes seen as God’s purpose. You sense the filling of His Holy Spirit within your being, imparting peace and joy, regardless of circumstances that previously challenged your walk.

Autumn colored leaf in fall represents peace in chaos

Autumn in July

Nature has no choice but to go along for the ride, adapt without complaint, and glows in brilliance from the circumstances it endures. Rather than looking ahead toward a goal and working to achieve it, rest and enjoy the space of today, sitting at the feet of our Savior. Live in His Spiritual realm now, the Kingdom of God. Let His will be done, and enjoy His peace as it wraps around us. Tomorrow will likely look different than we’d hoped, but God is there and allows us to adapt to His will. Trusting that He is in control and resting in that is powerful.

Derailed by Tragedy

Derailed by Tragedy

In a moment life changes. That’s all it takes, a moment really. An accident, news from afar, a secret brought to light. Many things can happen that alter the course of life forever, leaving us derailed by tragedy.

How do you dress for that, the moment that changes life? I stood before my mirror, contemplating my outfit, my hairstyle. I applied my make-up with a feeling of melancholy tugging at my heart. The Christian music playing in the background of my mind encouraged me to, once again, trust what God was doing. I stepped down the stairs, ready as I’d ever be for whatever was coming.

“Stay where you are. Something very bad is coming. If you remain faithful to me, you will be truly blessed.” God had spoken those words to me long, long ago, and when bad came, though the storm was powerful, I never felt alone. Though rattled, I could not be shaken. God’s strength, peace, and direction had become my everything. The presence of God was the center of who I was.

He spoke to me once again, way back then, giving peace to my timid heart. It was in the words of a song, the direction that freed me. “The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth.” You see, I wasn’t going to win some big battle that would announce to the world that I’d done well. The fact was that I’d already won, because I had peace. Peace in the midst of chaos. Peace in the middle of the storm. Peace regardless of circumstances. In that moment of revelation and clarity, weight lifted from my shoulders. It had been a weight declaring that I’d failed. It’d been a weight of segregation as I’d been left to fend for myself. It’d been a weight of loss, for the life I’d envisioned I was to live was not to be.

In that moment of clarity I realized that I was meant to be alone so God could be my strength. I was meant to love my enemy, because that is what God is, love. I was meant to endure loss of my own expectations, because I was not in control, God was.

Winds of Change are Present

When sudden change hits it can cripple the unsuspecting. Life becomes immediately out of control, overwhelming, and frightening. When today becomes instantly unfamiliar, a step toward tomorrow is beyond comprehension. How do you plan for such events? Is it in making sure your plans for future, finances, family matters, or work intentions are well prepared? Is it in reading about, studying, putting into practice good organizational skills? Is it in trying to control your life as well the lives of those who impact yours? If all of these things are worked toward, it would make sense that the unexpected changes that could potentially alter all for you would be less likely. If you strive to make your comfort zone safe and lessen the impact of outside influence, it would seem that chaos may be diverted. Wrong.

“In a moment” changes will happen to each of us. Are you prepared? Can you be prepared? All of the things we strive for in order to be in control will ultimately not be able to comfort us when that day comes. The work we’ve put into securing our futures won’t be capable of withstanding the overwhelming suddenness of change. Tragedy is beyond our control. Chaos is outside our ability to manage as it is beyond the realm of plans and organization. Whether you are a planner or a fly by the seat of your pants person, sudden life changes impact us all similarly. We struggle, we deny, we overthink and worry, we strive to find balance that stops the threat to sanity. No matter who we are or what we believe, we are all created beings and will face such days.

The answer of how to be prepared for and handle such a time is only found in relationship with God. He is the Answer. Whether you reach for Him during the time of struggle or partner with Him prior, He is the power that will see you through. Come close to God today. Knock on the door of His mansion. Seek a relationship with your Creator. Let His qualities, the very essence of Him, fill and comfort you. As a deeply intimate and personal relationship with God becomes established, you will grow in trust of Him and His will. When the sudden changes of life strike, you will have a Rock to stand on, a peace that passes all understanding, and sound guidance through haze and storm. No amount of personal planning and effort can compare as that is created by us. Only the presence of the Creator can calm the storm and straighten the confused path that chaos creates.

The day ended, no different than it had begun really. I brushed my teeth, contemplating how change is happening without me being yet aware. God works all things together to accomplish His will. This takes time. It takes a seemingly unrelated string of happenings to bring about God’s will. That takes years of various circumstances occurring, intertwining at some point, culminating in results that alter our lives. And many times things must appear far worse before they get better. I trust Him.

Though God’s will for my life back then was unlike the picture I’d had, trusting Him made all the difference in the world. He was with me when the earthly expectations of life faltered. He held me and led me through uncomfortable waters. The blessings He suggested I could enjoy have been realized. They aren’t in material, emotional, or financial gains. My blessings are experienced in this amazing relationship with a God who loves me. It’s abstract, intangible, supernatural, but oh so real.

Life doesn’t happen with a happily ever after slogan splashed across it. That just isn’t reality for most people. I’d imagine it isn’t for anyone. However, for those who keep their eyes on the Lord, there is a peace that makes the highs and lows of chaos nonexistent. In a moment life changes. That’s all it takes, but with God at your center, you will not be shaken. Your life will not be derailed by tragedy. May you be filled to overflowing with the light of God, enjoy His comfort during times of change, and trust His will, regardless of circumstances.

Co-Parenting with God

Co-Parenting with God

“Thanks for your advice, but I’ll do just fine learning from my own mistakes.” If I didn’t say them out loud, those words were screaming in my head. My mother had shared another story from her past meant to enlighten and encourage me to skip the same mistakes she’d made. She was parenting, but much like most teenagers, I was quite brilliant. I didn’t need direction from anyone else, especially my mother.

Well, here I am thirty-ish years later in the same situation with my own children. “I really think you’ll notice the difference if you eat better,” I’d said. Instantly the eye-roll and irritation emanating from my young adult daughter was felt, if not seen. It’s much the same response I get from all my children when I offer advice from the many life-lessons I’ve learned. I shrug and pray for the patience to be quiet…now and the next time I want to offer my thoughts. Which reminds me of the serenity prayer I quoted in my video message: Sons and Daughters of the King, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.”

Four Generations

Can we change those we love? Should we try to change them? How much energy, worry, and control should we exert on the decisions of those we care for? Over the course of my child-rearing years, I’ve learned that we, as parents, aren’t really in control. I’ve realized that we can’t fulfill any promise to keep our children safe from harm. It’s clear that many influences occur in our children’s lives that either we’re unaware of or painfully wish had never happened.

During my early parenting years, God spoke to my heart. He was present, offering peace and easing my mind. His strength gave aid to my defeated soul. He offered wisdom and direction, clarifying my role in my children’s lives. You see, God is the only One who is in control. He is the Creator, and these children are His. He does allow bad things to happen. We (you and I) grow, learn, and change largely based on the struggles we face and endure. Our children are no different. If He has intentions that my children experience things I strive for them to avoid, He has His reasons. His will never fails.

Struggling to control a child’s direction and filling with anxiety when they don’t listen wastes energy, causes faith to falter, and fills us with stress. Looking at life’s circumstances through a belief in God and His will, even for our children, allows us freedom. We gain the ability to let go and entrust them to Him.

That doesn’t mean that we stop parenting. However, remaining constantly in communication with God, seeking His wisdom, and trusting His will allows two things to happen: 1) We are comforted when things don’t go the way we’d hoped, and 2) Our children see us in peace during moments where chaos is expected or present. It is a quiet visual of relationship for others to witness, rather than ranting that these difficult times or bad choices are not what we or God would want. When we keep our eyes on God, we step out of being a factor in or source of the chaos itself and become a vessel of peace.

We can relate to our children. After all, we often sense God’s direction in our lives and respond much like an adolescent to a parent, “I’ll do just fine, Lord, learning from my own mistakes.” As you know, life would be so much easier if we’d heed God’s advice. Let me encourage you to come close to God and grow in that relationship. His direction may, at times, be difficult, but the beauty of what He is creating is worth it, and the peace He imparts on the journey gives us strength to endure.

Watch what God can do in your child’s life. When we co-parent with Him, we experience peace in the midst of chaos. Witness the difference that peace in your own parenting can make for those in your life. Though some things take time to change, you can be sure that when you entrust your children to Him, He’ll do a great job. Be a quiet but powerful force of faith in your child’s corner. They will benefit!

You Are Chosen!

You Are Chosen!

Do you trust God? Spend some time pondering this question. The answer to it is extremely important and may be life changing for you. You will learn a lot about yourself and your relationship with Him by taking a deep penetrating look inward.

God loves you. He planned for and created you! His is a love in which you can find absolute security, and it is this love only that you can be set free. It is unconditional and very personal. All growth and maturity in your life will begin with the revelation of this love. Who can reveal this love to you? Only God can draw you to the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. He prepares the soil, and He sows the seed. No amount of work that you do can draw you closer, but once you seek Him with all your heart, be prepared for life to change as His mighty hands work the clay and creates the vessel in which His Holy Spirit will indwell.

Once the Lord reveals His love of you to you and the awesomeness of this is realized, you will naturally fall in love with Him. He becomes your lover, your friend, your confidant. You begin to realize how special you are, and the feeling of being CHOSEN by the Creator overwhelms you. Revel in this state for a time, it’s a wonderful place to be. You find that you want to live in this moment and not stray from the love that surrounds and consumes you. You feel complete. You are complete. You will love yourself, perhaps even for the first time. In the security of His unconditional love, you will gain self-respect, and others opinions of you will seem much less important as you desire His company. You will realize what it truly is like to be loved as you are; mistakes, flaws, and all. As you focus on such a caring Father, you will not even realize He is working in you.

At some point, you will notice unnecessary desires have been displaced and realize how you’ve changed through no effort of your own. Note: through no effort of your own. You will realize this, how easy it is for God to come in and change you without your being aware. God does this through love. This is much easier than “working” to “look” Christian. You become accepting of the dross being burned away as you allow the Lord to take things out of your life that He deems unnecessary. You realize you are trusting in the unseen. How awesome is that?

Now, God is in your life. You’ve allowed Him to become the center of your being. You’ve chosen His unconditional love for you over the darkness and insecurities the world has still to offer. You have entered into His kingdom which is peace within you. Welcome, dear child of God.

Strong Decision Makers

Strong Decision Makers

Can you be a strong decision maker?

Do you know in full? Strong decision makers don’t. Are you able to look ahead and confidently choose what your next steps should be? Many decision makers try. Can you accurately weigh your options in order to make the best decisions? Strong decision makers can’t. We’re creatures of comfort even when we’re uncomfortable. We can’t imagine what life would be like should it change, especially if that change is drastic or sudden. We make decisions based on what we know and, very often, strive to keep within our comfort zone, even if it doesn’t help us or others in our lives. Do you want to shed decision making fear that cripples you? Do you want to move into a life of meaning, allowing change that would normally challenge your sanity?

You CAN make strong choices without all the answers!

Train tracks leading into the fog

Strong decisions can be made, even when you don’t know the answers.

You can step out of your comfort zone and accept life altering change. Make the choice to trust God’s will even though you don’t know in full. Believe that what He’s allowing is for a greater purpose. First and foremost, a personal and intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior is the answer. When we focus on Him, He fills us, He flows and works through us, often with us being unaware. When we grow in that love and relationship we naturally become trusting of His will. We don’t fear when it draws us out of our comfort zone. When difficulties arise, we’re confident that He’s still at work.

The strong decision maker in us is the Lord!

Do you trust God completely with your life? Strong decision makers do. Do you trust Him when options become difficult to consider or they tempt you to step into choices you fear may be wrong? Strong decision makers will. Do you trust Him when the unknown is frightening? Strong decision makers have. A trust such as this is transforming and powerful. A trust like this allows us to be free to accept change, to accept seemingly difficult situations, to be moved where and how God needs so that what He intends is accomplished. When we trust God with our lives, we gain inner peace in all circumstances, even tough ones, believing that His hand is at work for a better purpose that we simply can’t know in full yet. In essence, when we trust what God allows in our lives, react in peace, and step forward confidently, the decision making is of the Lord. Living like this means the Lord, who knows in full, becomes the decision maker in us! How powerful is that?

That doesn’t mean change won’t ever hurt, and that doesn’t mean that when God allows difficulties we won’t become anxious. But we will know confidently where to turn for comfort and soon that trust resumes, allowing us to boldly move forward as He leads.

What decisions are you afraid to make?

Are you in a toxic relationship yet can’t make the decision to sever it because you’re afraid? Has your marriage become stale, yet you can’t imagine taking steps to revive it as that would feel awkward and uncomfortable? Are you faced with an unexpected pregnancy but can’t imagine handling the judgement or the burden a baby may produce? Are you being mistreated at your job but need the income and feel stuck and unfulfilled?

With the strength and guidance of the Lord’s Holy Spirit, we can step away and be free of obligation that keeps us connected to toxic people. With Christ at our side, we can muster up the courage to become vulnerable to our spouse again, making obvious strides to rekindle joy. Knowing that God is in control and has thus allowed an unplanned pregnancy, we can accept that His will has purpose, gaining courage to allow the change a baby will bring. Knowing that God provides for all of our needs, we can confidently leave a job where disrespect hurts and know that a new opportunity is waiting.

We can relax in God’s peace and be strong decision makers.

Two chairs facing the sunset.

Relax. Trust God and His wisdom.

These are a mere few examples. Imagine trusting God in all things, from simple daily tasks to times of tragedy. Trusting God and seeking His guidance keeps us moving forward in peace. Living a life focused on and trusting Him isn’t easy. Living with Christ at our center can, at times, feel confusing. Yet living a life filled with the Holy Spirit is absolutely amazing! We can let go of analyzing and figuring, grasping at control and yet feeling out of control, and instead, relax in His peace. Peace is not going to mean the absence of chaos, God’s peace is far different. It’s a noted calm deep within us during the chaos of earthly life. It’s a joy felt in the midst of storm. Peace comes with trusting His will. Joy comes as we witness, in each of our small parts in His plan, the beauty He is working.

Are you ready to be strong in your decision making?

We, the created beings, do not know in full. Only God does. Place Christ at your center. Become one with Him. Your light will shine, because it’ll be His light shining through you. You’ll be a powerful decision maker, because it’ll be His decisions you’ll be boldly making and living! Are you ready to embrace all that He has to offer you? Are you ready to be a willing part of His plan and move forward wherever He guides? Will you make the simple choice to let go of control and trust God’s will? I pray that you do and that you enjoy the qualities that only come from living through the Holy Spirit.

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