Walk Like Jesus

How Can We Walk Like Jesus?

It’s a tough walk here on earth. Whose example can we follow to have peace and joy in life? Jesus was a figure that stood out, drew a crowd, and yet embodied an element of humble peace. He didn’t seem to seek attention, it just came to Him. Even in the middle of tragedy, He remained outwardly calm. If there ever was someone we should be like, it’s Him. How can we walk like Jesus?

Jesus did a number of things that contributed to His demeanor; He talked with, relied on, and sought counsel from God, our Father, at all times. And this all because of one thing, He was in an intimate relationship with God. He was filled with the Spirit of God. And due to this connection and His obedience within it, we are also able to be in an intimate relationship with God for ourselves. We can walk like Jesus.

We Can Exhibit the Perfect Will of God

When we’re close to God, as Jesus was, we sense His presence. Growing near to Him, we learn what His voice sounds like and seek it often. Once our connection becomes intimate, we confidently respond when He asks us to do as He bids. Fear of our failure or of others’ opinions disappear when we trust Him, as we know He has a plan that’s valuable and He will help us to accomplish it.

By the life of the Holy Spirit within, our minds become renewed and our actions reflect it. Peace tempers our responses, joy pushes rage out, and love becomes the veil we see through. Without effort, because God’s Spirit living in us is at work, we conform and exhibit the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. We walk like Jesus.

God is in Control

Just as He was in full control of Jesus’ days, God’s in full control of ours. When we’re persecuted by others or struggling under the weight of an earthly problem, we can turn attention to Him and be reminded of His love and grace. Though our troubles may not disappear, we can spend time in the safe harbor that is found when connected with Him. Doing so hands the troubles to Him and we’re positioned to witness Him working on and through our trials.

The gift of God, forgiveness of sins through Jesus’ actions, affords us a freedom in our lives that appears as a reflection of His love. It’s a gift that attracts others. God uses the light He shines through us to draw them, to have them learn of Him, thus to hunger for Him themselves. Let Him do His work. Keep focused on Him, rather than on them, watch Him work, and we’ll also walk like Jesus.

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God’s peace,


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