Can you be a strong decision maker?

Do you know in full? Strong decision makers don’t. Are you able to look ahead and confidently choose what your next steps should be? Many decision makers try. Can you accurately weigh your options in order to make the best decisions? Strong decision makers can’t. We’re creatures of comfort even when we’re uncomfortable. We can’t imagine what life would be like should it change, especially if that change is drastic or sudden. We make decisions based on what we know and, very often, strive to keep within our comfort zone, even if it doesn’t help us or others in our lives. Do you want to shed decision making fear that cripples you? Do you want to move into a life of meaning, allowing change that would normally challenge your sanity?

You CAN make strong choices without all the answers!

Strong decisions can be made, even when you don’t know the answers.

You can step out of your comfort zone and accept life altering change. Make the choice to trust God’s will even though you don’t know in full. Believe that what He’s allowing is for a greater purpose. First and foremost, a personal and intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior is the answer. When we focus on Him, He fills us, He flows and works through us, often with us being unaware. When we grow in that love and relationship we naturally become trusting of His will. We don’t fear when it draws us out of our comfort zone. When difficulties arise, we’re confident that He’s still at work.

The strong decision maker in us is the Lord!

Do you trust God completely with your life? Strong decision makers do. Do you trust Him when options become difficult to consider or they tempt you to step into choices you fear may be wrong? Strong decision makers will. Do you trust Him when the unknown is frightening? Strong decision makers have. A trust such as this is transforming and powerful. A trust like this allows us to be free to accept change, to accept seemingly difficult situations, to be moved where and how God needs so that what He intends is accomplished. When we trust God with our lives, we gain inner peace in all circumstances, even tough ones, believing that His hand is at work for a better purpose that we simply can’t know in full yet. In essence, when we trust what God allows in our lives, react in peace, and step forward confidently, the decision making is of the Lord. Living like this means the Lord, who knows in full, becomes the decision maker in us! How powerful is that?

That doesn’t mean change won’t ever hurt, and that doesn’t mean that when God allows difficulties we won’t become anxious. But we will know confidently where to turn for comfort and soon that trust resumes, allowing us to boldly move forward as He leads.

What decisions are you afraid to make?

Are you in a toxic relationship yet can’t make the decision to sever it because you’re afraid? Has your marriage become stale, yet you can’t imagine taking steps to revive it as that would feel awkward and uncomfortable? Are you faced with an unexpected pregnancy but can’t imagine handling the judgement or the burden a baby may produce? Are you being mistreated at your job but need the income and feel stuck and unfulfilled?

With the strength and guidance of the Lord’s Holy Spirit, we can step away and be free of obligation that keeps us connected to toxic people. With Christ at our side, we can muster up the courage to become vulnerable to our spouse again, making obvious strides to rekindle joy. Knowing that God is in control and has thus allowed an unplanned pregnancy, we can accept that His will has purpose, gaining courage to allow the change a baby will bring. Knowing that God provides for all of our needs, we can confidently leave a job where disrespect hurts and know that a new opportunity is waiting.

We can relax in God’s peace and be strong decision makers.

Relax. Trust God and His wisdom.

These are a mere few examples. Imagine trusting God in all things, from simple daily tasks to times of tragedy. Trusting God and seeking His guidance keeps us moving forward in peace. Living a life focused on and trusting Him isn’t easy. Living with Christ at our center can, at times, feel confusing. Yet living a life filled with the Holy Spirit is absolutely amazing! We can let go of analyzing and figuring, grasping at control and yet feeling out of control, and instead, relax in His peace. Peace is not going to mean the absence of chaos, God’s peace is far different. It’s a noted calm deep within us during the chaos of earthly life. It’s a joy felt in the midst of storm. Peace comes with trusting His will. Joy comes as we witness, in each of our small parts in His plan, the beauty He is working.

Are you ready to be strong in your decision making?

We, the created beings, do not know in full. Only God does. Place Christ at your center. Become one with Him. Your light will shine, because it’ll be His light shining through you. You’ll be a powerful decision maker, because it’ll be His decisions you’ll be boldly making and living! Are you ready to embrace all that He has to offer you? Are you ready to be a willing part of His plan and move forward wherever He guides? Will you make the simple choice to let go of control and trust God’s will? I pray that you do and that you enjoy the qualities that only come from living through the Holy Spirit.

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