Angels as Strangers

In the darkest of my days, I believe I’d entertained angels. A stranger walked up to me at a vigil after I’d spoken. She, a very short lady I hadn’t noticed earlier, held my hands and told me, “we’re working on things underneath.” Just as quietly, she seemed to disappear from the event. I didn’t remember this until months later when it suddenly came to mind just when I needed it, giving me great hope and encouragement to remain strong when I was struggling.

My mother lived a tough life. Her struggles frustrated me. I wanted her to live in the peace of our Lord, to sense it deep within. I wanted her to be joyful, to smile and laugh from a happiness too full to contain. But that wasn’t life for her. She struggled, she hurt, life was cruel to her. At least that’s how I saw it.

Reading through her random journals since her passing has filled me with such pride at the mighty faith she exhibited in the face of her many difficulties! It was always there, quiet but strong. Her intimate relationship with God was everything to her. It didn’t matter who saw, knew, agreed, or disregarded. It was a deeply personal connection that earthly issues truly couldn’t taint.

She wanted nothing more than God’s will and reveled in His deep and unconditional love. She prayed for that for each of her seven children as well as for those who hurt her, even if His will meant things wouldn’t benefit her. Regardless, she knew God’s plans were best for all.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

The Presence of Heavenly Loved Ones

Some of my siblings and our children joined together this past weekend to celebrate Mom’s life. It was a quiet but comfortable time. Something was noted only after sharing pictures later. It appears that Mom, in angel form, was there in our midst! Check out the picture above!

I have been skeptical about apparitions, though I know many people become very excited when they’re noted. God can open our eyes at any moment to see His angels around us, and I do believe they are here. I’ve had visions in the past, after all, and felt God using them to encourage and guide me. Yet I’m cautious. Perhaps because, to me, such revelations are intimate and precious, not to be taken lightly, exposed as something simple, shared like gossip, or not recognized as holy. Anything God reveals to us has importance in a deeply Spiritual way.

Well, here I am with a picture I took looking very much like angels are among us.

Thank You, Lord, for sharing our mother with us, both on earth and again while she’s with You in heaven. The kingdom of heaven, her home of peace and joy, became evident at our earthly gathering. We have been blessed greatly by this!

God’s peace to you, my dear sweet mother. I love you. Thank you for joining us and we will celebrate you always.


Have you ever discovered that you’ve entertained angels unaware? Send me a message and share with me how God has opened your eyes to the kingdom of Heaven!

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