The Steps To Achieve A Successful Life

Discouraged by Others’ Successful Lives or the Wicked Who Taunt Yours?

People look up to those who seem to have it all together. They dress for success, say the right things, and appear as though the world is perfectly aligned to serve them well. Any book written which describes their steps to achieve a successful life will make great sales. The steps will be followed and, in many cases, hope will be dashed. We are discouraged at our own shortcomings and feel the failure.

Additionally, no matter what good we feel we’re doing or how much effort we put into making a difference, evil lurks and takes shape in the form of our enemies. There’s power in the words of those who seem out to get us and bring us down. It seems that good people are easily the target for the mean-spirited who search for victims.

Success is Derailed, Prompting Us to Backslide

It’s easy for us to be swayed, dismayed, and to give up due to our own failures or the pressures felt from the bullies in our lives. Insecure and timid, it seems the good in us crumbles under the weight. This can prompt the downward spiral that leads us back to the ways of the world. Why not, it’s just easier, right? Fitting in, though our hearts weren’t joyful, was so much less stressful.

Where does strength come from when we’ve tried to make life better, to make ourselves more of a positive force in the world? So many things are studied, read about, or tried in order to bring an awakening to our souls. And yet, with one act of evil against us or a sudden tragedy, we’re returned to that weak person we’d hoped we’d left behind.

Is Peace and Success Elusive?

It makes one wonder if what we’d been chasing all along, a sense of true peace and success, is really elusive after all. But there’s an answer that’s so simple and yet just as mysterious. The answer is found in God, in relationship with Him, in allowing Him in to live in and through us.

Success comes when God is given our lives to live as He wishes. It’s in His presence that we can rest from all our own futile efforts. We come to realize someone else’s prosperity means nothing to us. His strength becomes the power we need to ignore the taunts of evil and be content with who we are, as we are. God’s compassion fills us and prompts us to reach out to encourage and edify others who are struggling in their own weaknesses. After all, we’ve understood.

Peace is Not What We Thought it Would Be

Faith grows and becomes a life in itself when God is placed at our centers. By this faith, we recognize how limited our own understanding and views are, and we can excitedly await the next chapters or conclusions knowing that God knows our tomorrows.

Peace is no longer elusive when God is our God, but it is better understood. It’s not what we thought it should be at all since it’s not an absence of problems or chaos but something indescribable. A quality of God, peace is an element that stirs deep within one’s soul, rather than an application of change on the outside.

The Book of Success is Written On Our Hearts

Now, back to the best-selling book we desire to help us follow steps to achieve a successful life. Victory and success are subjective. Each person has been influenced by unique factors throughout life and so each of us have different points of view, skillsets, and triggers. God knows all of this. After all, He was in all of it. Additionally, He is the Word and can give each of us a vision that will satisfy and what we need to achieve it. That book is written on our hearts by Him, the greatest Author! Let it manifest.

How does this happen? How do we accomplish such an unknown? No matter what is going on, keep God at your core. When times are good, rejoice and praise Him. When challenging times come, consistently turn your attention from it and look at God. Surround yourself with reminders of Him. Choose to listen to uplifting music that will encourage you to trust Him in the hard times. Align with people that also trust in God and His will. Write a journal with each entry a letter to the Lord. Read the Bible with God and pray for His revelations.

The Steps to Achieve A Successful Life

Here are the steps to achieve a successful life: We must safeguard ourselves by being armed with an intimate relationship with the Lord. Rest in God, settle back, and be patient. Focus on Him and let Him do His work in and around our lives. In faith, we can trust what He’s doing, even when it seems confusing. And enjoy the peace that He imparts while on this journey. Let His visions become our own and allow Him to lay the foundation of our successful life.

God’s peace,


Psalm 37:7, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Habakkuk 2:4, John 14:27, Numbers 15:39

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